Can You Create a WW1/WW2-Vehicles Only game mod?!

So, each day, for past, I don’t know many years… I am being killed by missiles fired from vehicles made in 50’s, 60’s, etc.
I play WT for some 7-8 years, but I am still stuck in World War 2, sadly. So when my Tiger 2, or my Ferdinand, is being hit with barrage of projectiles fired on every half a second, I tend to feel certain type of way.
Think closest description to my feeling would be Disgust. I am disgusted, that my WW2 tank, for which I worked for YEARS, is being destroyed by a vehicle who shouldn’t be there.
How is exactly a vehicle with capabilities from the 60’s, in same number as a tank created in middle of 40’s?

Now, I don’t wanna tell you what to do(nor would you listen, I’m sure), you can put a Transformers for my Tiger to fight, for all I care. But why don’t you create a game option(with vehicle tree) that is connected to WW1 & WW2 vehicles ONLY?
I know, without knowing anything about your job, that something like that could be accomplished in probably 2 weeks. Since you don’t have to do anything, aside of making another vehicle-tree + option to choose “World War Battle”.

Now I do know you have WORLD WAR option, but that is something completely different.

This would be just a normal battle, same as any other AB or RB, only with WW1-WW2 vehicles.
You could exclude any prototypes, or rare tanks(in case Germany has too many vehicles, for example).

Maybe I am alone in this, maybe others don’t care… but I doubt it.
If you grind for 6 years just to get to toughest WW2 tank… only for it to be a joke on the field… you will feel disgust, at certain points.


I mean i am with you (with most of your points), but wt was never a simulator - it a simple video game designed to earn money - based on the illusion that you can play iconic WW2 vehicles in somehow realistic battles.

WT is from the realism perspective actually a joke - mainly due to the compromises taken in order to make the game playable.

Irl there was no such things as “balanced” teams or vehicles.

So i understand that you can’t slaughter 75mm Shermans in your Tiger - even if you would fight in realistic numerical disadvantage - the way how they implemented certain functions/mechanics would give you the upper hand. Very soon only hardcore US boys would be willing to play this…

Same as in my game mode Air RB. You see a hell of disappointed US boys when they fly iconic planes like P-51s or P-47s. They simply don’t fit in the game play and were actually (at least in the ETO) just good due to great numerical superiority and lack of well trained enemies 1944/45 - technical advantages just valuable in 1 vs 1s aside.

The way how gaijin balances BRs (combat value / effectiveness & player statistics) leads to the fact that 1941 planes fight 1953 planes at BRr 4.0.

If you enjoy WW2 combat, i recommend to find that BR “sweet spot” suited to fulfill your WW experience - it is obvious that you have to go lower in BR and the Tiger H1 is a no-go - all in all, you have to lower your expectations from wt…


Do you realize you are also destroying vehicles Tiger 2 never faced right? Or is it ok because you are the stronger one in that duel? Try to be less disgusted and gain a bit of outlook.

There was Normandy event with historical matchmaking and German team won 9/10 battles because everyone just spammed Tigers.


I DON’T have to be in a f’n Tiger! I was making a point… I don’t care in which tank I am, as long as its WW2 one.

But in the end, my hype for this game lasts month or two every year, then I don’t care. Soon it will fade away… and I wont have to look at it any longer, for a year :D

This game has the facilities to support temporary or permanent events such as this but are rarely ever implemented. Lack of creativity, lack of dev freedom, lack of innovation. There have been many fun events over the years that have introduced more historically accurate and immersive events, but they are very few and far between. - There was a World War event last year that was actually pretty good and could be a permanent mode with some balance tweaking.

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So you dont care after all and this thread can be closed? Neat