Can we try to raise RP gains?

I just nearly got a nuke with my Strv 101 (the Swedish Centurion mk.10) and I got less than 3k RP. I had 89% activity, a 10% booster in a nearly full up tier (7.3-8.3 game I was 7.7), and I got 7 kills, 2 assists, a point cap and survived multiple shots. I have no idea how this is fair in the slightest.


Isn’t this already planned in the roadmap?

No,only reduction for RP for foldered vehicles and top tier vehicles iirc.

I could of sworn I saw plans for increased RP gain hmmm

It is bad for tanks especially. Unless you are a player with 10k hours and can just see everyone all the time and hear everything perfectly while getting an absurd amount of kills and winning every game the grind for tanks takes months if not years to complete a single tech tree even with premiums. I can get Rank VII planes in a week or rank V blue water ships in the same amount of time but I haven’t even hit top tier tanks at all because it is so hard to grind them with the rp being so low. When I can only earn 5k max usually due to being constantly uptiered and spawn camped out of existence whenever I don’t encounter people who appear to be suspicious(perfect aim across the map from the spawn killing my team through bushes), it is pretty hard to actually progress in tanks. So yes, please increase the RP gain for them

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I have been saying this over and over even after the updated roadmap. From ground to air RP needs fixed and shouldve been one of the first things but it’s now the last. Even then they’re only reducing the RP for rank VI-and VII planes in September. The bonus reward for killing is an absolute joke as well for air RB. Most people struggle to get 3 kills, people got played and they dont even realize it.

What was you researching? You should received at least 10K RP for a nuke.
Doing fast nothing i got 800-1000 RP (base cap and 1-2 kills) with premium.

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Ground vehicles really need a raised RP multiplier. Currently it takes much more time to research a ground vehicle compared to a aircraft.


Folks, keep something in mind when it comes to trying to improve the players lot in this game. This game is designed down to the most trivial detail to make money for the company. You really can’t really excel at it or get ahead unless you spend real money in some manner be it a premium account, buying premium vehicle’s or spending to unlock the various modules on the vehicles you are currently spading to avoid the deliberately painful grind.

Every aspect is designed to frustrate you into busting out the credit card, nothing is really free in the gaming world peeps. Something gets adjusted to give the impression you’ll be getting ahead several other things will be quietly nerfed or reorganized to offset it in some manner. Gaijin is a business, they are in it to make money period.

You want the best bang for the buck get the premium account come sale time it does help the grind in a big way.

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You’re missing the point. Even with a premium account and premium vehicles the grind is down right insane. If im investing hundreds of dollars into a game it should be fun, not miserable trying to get to the next plane or tank. Right now its miserable trying to grind out the top 3 nations air trees.


The T54 (finnish)

One seriously annoying issue i d like to report is being classified as inactive wrongly.

I have played severall matches with boats in high tier bluewaterbattles on open maps, receiving 0 rp or silver due to being classified as inactive, while i get full repairs costs. And scoring decently with caps and manouvres, considering i have no long range or large calibre guns on a boat. It makes no sense to fire a 20 millimetre gun at a cruiser 9 clicks away, but that does not mean the boat is inactive.

cmon, 0?! your calculation is off.

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For grind to be manageable in ground tree, RP gains need to be increased by 200%. In AB game you get 2000 RP for a good result. It’s horrendous.
Increasing that by 200% would net 6k and then it would be good enough so no that no one would complain.
I suggest everyone upvote this thread. Complaints need to rise.
Edit: Also, I’m talking about 7.0 BR even with premium account. It’s as horrible as it can get and it is getting worse and worse as the time passes.


Just got another game with 6k, nearly solo point cap and got 2028RP. Horrible.

Played a game of 8.7 Italy, I have a talisman on the Centauro and the premium OF-40 MTCA. 3291RP for a 12 minute match, 2347 score from 5 kills, 1 assist, 1 cap and 3 deaths. not even 1% of the RP needed for the Freccia, and it would take 119 games of that to research it fully. Then there’s an 18 minute game of 7.7 Sweden with premium Strv 103. 3398 score from 10 kills, 1 assist and 3 deaths just to get 3068RP

The RP research reductions are so desprately needed, grinding one tree is abysmal let alone multiple. Higher RP modifiers would be great, though premium account is going to be more worthwhile with the insurance.

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I agree, if it were increased by around 200% that would be good enough. It should be at least like grinding air trees with premiums, but it’s not.
Also I’d give 100% more to people playing without premiums, but I guess that would still be horrible. Either way economy sucks.


Bud I have a premium account and use premium rank 7 jets, it’s still absolutely awful and i gave up on it.

Maybe. With rank IV ground vehicles I can get a week of premium and nearly get all the mods for half a dozen vehicles. But that’s me, out of work, with nothing to do. Much harder for people who play on the weekend only - it will take several months to get the mods researched. What if they improved the progression of getting mods, but kept a high cost of researching the tech tree?

I seem to have a dozen Rank IV Great Britain vehicles already researched, I just haven’t coofed up the money for SL to buy these vehicles yet. I don’t know how it’s possible that I have so much stuff researched in the tree. I’m researching into vehicles that I have no clue about, yet it’s still a long grind to have the mods for my challenger and comet tanks. No, I’m thinking about it all wrong - I should just coof up money for SL, buy the advanced vehicles, and forget about levelling up boring challengers and comets. I’m wasting my time with them, there’s no need to have all the mods on them when I can move onto better vehicles.

Last October I got nuke with AFT09 and only 4k RP.
Seems they continued stealth nerf on RP by then.

I think it’s not only multipiler problem. The point gained by killing and assist have all seen decrease since 2020. And earlier this year they made assist way harder. I think they should increase the ways and actions of getting RP during battles, which does good to everyone.

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