Can we talk about aircraft coordination in WT on mouse aim?

So, for as long as I can remember playing this game from the start, there has always been an issue with aircraft coordination in turns and just general flight with mouse aim.
Yes - if you’re playing sim or using a flight stick with rudder pedals this is a non issue but, for those playing on mouse aim it can be.

When the game was in its early stages and - in most cases with props this has usually been a non issue - but now with jets I see this problem happen more and more.

Now some planes are just bad flight models and do it all the time (Jag series planes). What I am talking about is coordinate flight, centering of the ball (inclinometer) while flying. In a lot of planes turning you’ll notice the ball will be in a slip or skid state, in fact after doing a slight turn in the Jag and going straight and level you will still be in a slip or a skid.

The problem is when it comes to high G maneuvers, have you done a roll and all of a sudden your plane pulls negative G’s and rips? Yep thats due to uncoordination. With jets and high speeds this can happen so fast because of the speed, props really don’t get affected by this that much.

For as long as this game has been out, how come gaijin hasn’t implemented a better system to keep the plane coordinated in rolls and turns?

Instructor has it’s flaws (as it should). If you want coordinated flight, try a better control mode like Mouse-joy.

If you are playing on K&M, you can override every single control input while flying in mouse aim if you use the K&M Advanced controls. It shouldn’t be an issue since you can just override what the instructor is trying to do with your plane. The pointer aim control flies well enough for what it is already.