Can we stop kill steaking? omg

We must stop being steaker’s.

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I hate kill stealers too, I find that most people just shoot down the stealer

I think if you take down a kill stealer, it is totally fair, “A Kill For A Kill”.

I understand why people do this. But why would I penalize myself? Sometimes you just got to play smarter. Does it suck that someone stole your kill? Yeah it does. But I don’t want to pay their repair cost.


Bring out the barbeque!

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they probably like their steaks well done

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Steaks should ideally be as rare as possible so you don’t denature the protein. Don’t waste those gains!

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I’ve only done it once that I can think of. It was a actually this morning and it was the guy that I saved from certain death to the hands of a yak-3. I jumped in and helped him and shot the wingtip off the yak then he turns around and kills it. It may sound like 3rd party killing but all I was trying to do was save my allie

Hopefully you didn’t take that as me calling you out because it wasn’t my intent. It’s just my observation and commentary on the mentality as a whole. Like I said, I do understand why people do it. Cuz it sucks. You put in all this effort and you got the best of your opponent. Their plane is burning and going down and some ding-a-ling comes swooping in to finish it off. But this game is hard enough to grind sometimes. So why should I penalize myself? I lost little bit of SL and some RP. But if I TK the guy the sl penalty can be far greater than what I was even going to earn from the legitimate kill. It just doesn’t make sense in my head.

Same with Base Stealers, they are the filth of the game, with no common respect for others, the war the WoW and LoL players that still live with their parents, XAXA.

Ham Steak?

Now I’m wanting steak…

(but not ham steak sorry)

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I want a big salad please

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Oh no I didn’t lol

The only reason I did it was because I have a large excess amount of SL and can take a hit in the bank like that

Yeah, base stealers also suck. Especially if they acknowledge that you want that base and then are like nuh uh and beat you to it :(

Or all those fighter-bombers/attack aircraft that can beat you to the bases and don’t give a crap about you getting anything to bomb

Hence why when flying a frontline bomber, flying direct to a particular base is not a good idea.

If your payload is large - going off to the side before coming in this way to go.

Attackers will take out bases before you so you have some time to waste while new ones spawn, use this to get into a position adjacent to the bases.

Once your desired alt is achieved and the bases have respawned etc etc - you can then make a direct approach on a base, after you have dropped you only have to adjust a few degrees to get onto the next base and can take out multiple bases with ease.

If you have a large payload but fly straight in - (providing you have even managed to kill a base and not get killed by the 16 fighters flying straight at you)
Then once you have dropped - you now have 6 fighters on your 6 and now you have to pull a 90 degree turn to get onto the next base . . . . obv aint gonna work out well.


Speaking of which do you know how long it is for bases to respawn?

But yes to the rest of that

no idea bud.

dang ok

If I kill someone, I have the right to steak them.

Medium or well done?