Can we separate "next patch wishlist" to vehicles and the rest of the stuff

Its really hard to navigate on this wishlist topic, its a pile of " PLS ADD A 100TH VEHICLE WITH CHANGED /CANNON BY 2MM/ 3HP/ some clone of other nation vehicle/ TO MY FAV TECH TREE" and 1000 pictures , spicy arguments about why this is stupid idea and how op is that TT right now and how other nations are obsolete garbage , and people who’d like to report something or wishlist for settings, fixing things or adding new functions, and ,of course, balance guys

Everyone loses this way.

  1. Players who’ d like to see new vehicles will lose cause there is so much spam and static about adding vehicles that after few minutes almost everyone will just skip those whishes
  2. War thunder employees will have a really bad time with searching for new cool things cause good ideas and nice tanks or aircrafts will be just outspammed by more vocal groups about adding new vehicle for dominating nations.
  3. there are so many replies cause of overburden topic that you cant even properly discuss about those wishes
  4. And players who’d like to see new features or better mechanics will have to tear through stuff they are not interested in.

Pls Gaijin have mercy and separate those topics

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