Can we remove crew lock already

Crew lock made sense when the game had 1000 players and barely any vehicles but now that there are thousands of players and vehicles, the crew lock mechanic is obsolete. I’ve been playing since beta and crew lock literally does not prevent people leaving. Whether its a ODL, or a dude who just doesnt want to respawn into a shit team, or a bad map and team comp.

There are entirely too many ways to bypass crew lock and the worst one that impacts the playability in the game is people like myself simply log out. ODL already destroyed the gameplay don;t ruin it further by leveraging an obsolete method of “control”


No. It was made to keep people in matches longer.

I find it funny how if you leave after spawning once, your punishment is forcing you to spawn only once.


Alternatively, you could just bring a lineup of 1 vehicle you want to play to circumvent the system.

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Exactly, so dumb


Maybe for Ground forces there are other motivations in place, but for my mode Air RB the crew lock

prevents players from playing

like headless chickens - it punishes guys unable to take off without crashing or stupid guys ripping by overspeeding due to lack of patience, experience or willingness to learn; so a removal looks not really like a good idea…


That an exception, people want to play but locking them from playing just forces them to another game.

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This is me when they gave me too many snow maps that I hate

The difference is this isn’t the popular ODL as it’s NDL because I didn’t die as I leave in the loadout screen after seeing the weather isn’t good.

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Crew lock isn’t to prevent 1DLers. Its to prevent/dissuade/punish players from hitting Alt+F4 when they realize the are about to get kil’t and avoid the loss.
Its at most a minor inconvenience, not even that if you play more than one nation.
What is annoying is when you get locked just because you had a bad game. Insult and injury. Maybe add more logic to it, like if you run out of spawn points with in the first minute or some ahole crashes you on take off. etc. it doesn’t give you a time out.

Also game: “Here’s a new to you aircraft with a new flight model that is gimped and easily busted you will need to burn your free repairs to get actually useable.”


I’m pretty sure a system was put in place that removes crew lock once an enemy vehicle starts spawn killing. The only reason crew lock was aggravating was after a match devolved to spawn killing but leaving meant waiting 3 minutes anyway.

More than a few times I’ve gotten sniped twice coming out of spawn and got the red text of shame for my trouble.

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I believe it’s when they’re inside the spawn rather than firing on you coming out of it.

Thats really not helpful when you can get sniped in your spawn from across most maps…

Yes but map design is a problem for a number of issues not just crew lock.


After shooting down an enemy plane, crashing while dogfight should not result in crew lock. This things happen (in dogfight). Current rules make no sense.

It guarantees next match you will ODL too, without it maybe you’d keep playing

Which is utterly fails to do. Not only do I have fun lineups in 7 different nations, but if I was in the most common map-leaving situation (only having a single premium tank someone bought at high tier), crew lock wouldn’t even affect me at all, because a tank (the only tank) you brought out isn’t included in the crew lock.

It’s just mildly annoying without accomplishing anything it wants to accomplish at all.