Can we please talk about the SAM SPAA nerfs?

Since last few updates SAM SPAA gets gradually nerfed to the ground.

  • (-) radar accuracy decreased, radar wobble is introduced (Hovet still can’t lock targets 50% of the time, lol)
  • (-) the (in)famous change to the missile flight model
  • (+) buff to the IRST lock range that was supposed to compensate for the Pantsir introduction and missile flight model nerf
  • (-) the aforementioned buff is severely reduced - IRST now can’t lock drones beyond 4-5km range which means you can’t deny drones their kills anymore.
  • (-) IRST is no longer IRST. It is now a dumb IR sensor like the ones in AIM 9B, instead of tracking signature with IR camera it tracks heat source. It’s now prone to going after rockets/missiles/flares launched by target.

Can we get some statement about intended SAM capabilities? Because so far it looks like there’s supposed to be no capabilities at all.