Can we please get ARB rework with new major update?

With “Air Superiority” we got fancy new stuff, some got 10 missiles other 600cm’s cool and all, but after grinding SU-27 and F-15 I feel like I need build 360 cockpit in my room and actually spin in my chair to notice every single threat.
16v16 with friendly fire and bots, how do we play this? And it is not like you can go play lower tier to have fun since 16v16 is everywhere, so no matter how good you are if your team dies before merge there is nothing you can do if enemys decide to cancel you for the rest of the game.
I feel like it is better to create custom lobby and fight 6v6 or even 2v2 just to have fun, this way you can avoid bots and braindead base boming teammates.

Since 16v16 changes we got more and better missiles and no matter how good you are there is no proper way to play this game anymore. Either you go in and take what you can get or play safe and hope you will score a kill or not be left alone vs more than half of enemy team.

Please stop the power creep, decompress BR’s, lower player number in lobby at least by half, add FOX-3s for top tier (with 6v6 lobbys) so there is not furballs anymore but actual modern day fights.
Major update = major changes not adding more fuel to the dumpster fire that got created and developed for WW2 era planes 10years ago.


I agree, the top tier is unfortunately a madness and frustrating, unfortunately I don’t think they will do anything about it!