Can we opt out of ''personal offers''?

Seriously, if you’re going to offer insultingly bad things I’d rather just not see it at all and it’s a win for Gaijin because you don’t give me another reason to dislike you.

You want people to pay 1700 GE for a 1300 GE vehicle and a little bit of SL paired with a random booster?

I will never ever pay 350GE for a 75% booster, the fact the default asking price for that is over $3 is insanity as it offers zero guarantee that you’ll get anything out of it, and what am I going to do with 200k SL when vehicles cost over 1 million SL to purchase, 300k to put a crew on it and then another million for expert crew to actually be competitive.

The fact you present this as some sort of special deal rather than an exceptionally low effort attempt to sell boosters and SL at the most absurd prices is crazy.

If you just offers the vehicle discount at least you might tempt some people.

If not, I would love to opt out of this garbage.


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