Can we not have updates where certain TTs only get a premium?

As the title goes.
Yes I’m talking about the Swedish TT which gets only a semi copy-paste premium in the new update (that’s how it was in the test server). Also Japan but at least they’ll get a new ‘boat’.

There were many updates were a TT gets only one new vehicle but at least those where researchable. Gaijin could always add one of those 3.0+ toys that you can spend some quality time with. But all the crap they are adding to the Swed TT is just another leopard2a4 (they got 2 in the TT already ffs).

I simply want to know what people think about this and I hope this will not become a common problem in the future.


its a free to play game and they have to be able to have some kind of income to continue with development and servers. The people who buy a lot of premium help keep the game running.


I agree that gaijin needs to make the game profitable. But when a new update comes out with nothing to grind for your favorite TT just sucks.
And they could always add a low tier vehicle as an incentive for people to grind.

There’s always a chance they are adding something last minute that wasn’t shown off


Im split on this, on one hand the premiums are more often than not worth it look at the swedish sherman. Or the Strv 39 that thing made the mid tier grind way easier. But on the other hand most of the premiums atleast for the Air TT could have been great as TT aircraft. Also most of the premiums are CopyPaste from the TT or from other nations.

Yea like the BT-42

I do hope that’s the case. I could really use a lvkv fm43.

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Well there was a Ush variant in the files but its not likely to come this update

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its the first update of the year man, theres like 4 more coming.

If i remember correctly it was essentially a truck with a 20mm on it as SPAA, doubt it would be super useful but who knows

Never was a question in between the 10.5 years previously,…
And god knows how many updates we got like this.

Can’t really complain about Sweden of all nations.

Nothing has changed…
A premium for players that want it is normal. Sweden didn’t have one prior.
Neither did Japan.

Its only 0.3 higher than the CV-90/105 XC-8

Neither of those are MBTs.

Yea fair, id just rather have something unique for the next 3 months

Yes it does, but they cannot give every player everything they want every single update if they want to keep major updates rolling out. They do frequent updates calling for large things (Fox-3s, new features, M109s across mutiple nations, Su37/F-15s, F-111s, the random tech tree additions) and I would argue that adding things like that gives more to look forward to for a majority of the playerbase. Imagine if they did 1 major update a year, but added the same amount of items as the 4 major updates combined. Everyone would just have to wait longer to enjoy anything that could/would come, but they break them up to keep things moving forward. That means some nations will suffer from not getting much, but they will get something at one point when a different nation does not. Imagine that each nation has a “turn” that they get focused on. If one update it isn’t their “turn” for something big, then maybe the next update will.

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Have you seen the French TT? You can have one when France gets two.