Can we not-have Nagato herself as an event vehicle?

We pretty much know that Nagato herself is coming in with the upcoming patch.

There’s some serious worry that she will be released as the upcoming event vessel. Moreover - she’s likely to be in the much more modern version than Mutsu, making her superior to the Tech Tree.

If that’s what you are aiming for - can we ““just”” swap them around - release Mutsu as the time-limited event vehicle, and Nagato into the tech tree?

Nagato was historically far more important vessel - she was the Flagship of the IJN, she was the vessel from which the order to attack Pearl Harbor was given, she was also the only Japanese battleship to survive the WW2.

Having her locked behind a timed event would be a huge disservice to the people looking to play the Japanese naval tech tree.

Meanwhile, Mutsu makes for a perfect event vehicle - she in her early interwar configuration could represent an interesting twist on the tech-tree Nagato, something great to get, but a novelty vessel.

Event vehicles should be interesting twists on the tech tree, rather than the ultimate versions way above of what is accessible for all the players.


We don’t. We know that Nagato is coming eventually. Leaks from Olivia are never for the next update, they’re general WIP stuff.

That’s not how Gaijin and game development in general operates. They had the Mutsu planned for this patch. I would actually guess that the Nagato will come to the tree later much like we got the Ise-class IJN Hyuga and then much later we got the actual IJN Ise because Japan has already had naval event vehicles, one of which, the IJN Kurama, was very recent.

Hard agree. The Nagato being an event vehicle would be incredibly sad. Vehicles like IJN Mutsu would make way better event vehicles than Nagato.


Have you considered that Nagato could just be another line ship?
Given the up gun, up armor, up AA nature of the Nagato-class in the 1940s that seems a bit more likely than an event vehicle that is outright superior to the sister ship in tree (looking at the Kongo and her sister event ships)


We don’t know when Nagato is coming, only that something relating to her has been found in a file somewhere. The same thing happened with Mutsu, and then the immediate following patch she was/is added.
Just sounds like we’re going to have a fun June. But it could be even more fun if Gaijin put Mutsu behind Fuso or Ise where she should be.

Well it wasn’t IJN Nagato.

I love the Bayern class, but damn we really do not need 3 of them in-game.

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I honestly don’t care. Good event vehicle choice because it’s basically the same as the SMS Bayern and so nothing is lost if you don’t get it.

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