Can we not cover the bases with clouds 50m off ground

No need to say anymore…


I think the clouds in general are way over done. Especially on the airfields when you’re trying to take off. Sure, they’re pretty but more annoying than anything. Please tone down the clouds!

Yea its crazy and they all same altitude so you get lanes where its very difficult to find them then ir dont work so your stuck trying to find and gun them down

At low tier, yeah I imagine this sucks, and god knows why they did it.

But at high tier, this is a perfect argument for CCRP getting some love. Im actually surprised it got no update, even a little one with the F-111 addition.

If CCRP was better, then that would be the perfect solution to these new weather effects. Combine with other missing advanced mechanics like Ground radar and terrain following radar and you’d create real value for aircraft designed for all weather conditions, especially aircraft like the F-111, Tornado and I assume Su-24?

But its extremely wierd they added these weather effects without adding the corrosponding mechanics or improvements to enable them to be “countered”

“language issue” :-)

you need to say that it will help players to bomb and then grind faster, not cool when you sell vehicles at 70$

but it’s fun

Honestly i feel that clouds, trees bushes etc are overpopulated to prevent clean shots / hits and just increase the grind.

Yes its nice to look at but not very practical in the long run, i don’t advocate for the lower graphics options (As i don’t like using cheap tactics to get kills) i understand sometimes that peoples PC’s aren’t up to the task but come on its 2023.

Most Potato PC’s can run War Thunder at full graphics without issue.

Its just when events drop, or do x for a certain decal / gift then all the tryhard’s come out of the woodwork.

So that’s why i feel that assets like clouds, bushes and the like are there to slow down the potential of your grind, they just slap historically accurate / simulation to overcome the constructive criticism.

Don’t get me wrong i like the clouds and bushes, there’s just too many, that’s all…

On my old computer at minimum settings even with my resolution turned down a bit got 15 FPS. With my new computer 15 FPS at max settings 60 at high settings and resolution down but upscaled by AMD.