Can we maybe consider an overhaul on the ammunition detonation in war thunder

Here is my point:

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I don’t want any more effects and explosions, there’s already too much smoke in War Thunder


sure i see your point. Maybe if we overhauled smoke physics this would be fun. like smoke getting dragged by wind

That strike on the Centurion obviously hit the boiling vessel mid brew.


I would recommend you to remove the last video as it shows actual combat footage. Moderators may not like it.


it is done

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Btw in that video it seemed like the fire suppression system was activated once the ammo started to burn.

We wouldn’t want realistic representation of things, would we

Then it wont be PG12 anymore. Sometimes too much realism isn’t good for gameplay.

Game states 16 on the disclaimer doesn’t it?

I thought i saw 12

Turret tosses on T-series already only knocks out crew. We could all just pretend that fire puts them to sleep too.


lol now I am not so sure :)

Yeah it’s PG12. Just checked it

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I agree some effects should be added to the game. I thought you were talking about body parts flying out

Dear god

(Fog has entered the chat)