Can we make Crew Skill upgrade have a bigger impact

For example max crew skill with single piece ammunition should have a very short reload rate, (Probably) a 20 year old powered on redbull should 100% be able to shove a round into the breach at the speed of sound. (joke)

(Serious) The reload rate should be pretty short since the crew in-game always reports as combat position, Meaning that the loader is always ready with another round. As soon as the gun fires all they need to do is (open the breach if older gun) Then shove the round in then while the gunner aquires the target the loader gets another round then repeat, untill the ready rack is empty. The reload rate for 37mm Guns should be much shorter than it is in-game.

The drivers skill should probably be reworked, Ive noticed that the Driver often has to high of a gear in most situations. I Played with manual transmission for a couple of weeks and got used to shifting gears much depending on what i did, and suprised when i tested to Race with another friend in the same vehicle (all modifications and driver skill at max) I won in most turns and at accelerating! This means that either Driver gear shifting code needs to be improved. For now i will stick with Manual gears.
(I do wish that they could give Hot-keys for gears though so i could go from 1st to reverse quicker, Thats the only downside i can think of.)

Commanders abilities over the whole crew should disapear once he is “Knocked out”

Please leave your thaughts in comments.

Just wondering, did you have an actual commander in that tank, or did you have less, and the ‘commander’ was merely spread across all positions…

I’m pretty sure it does this sort of thing in the first place.

If anything the impact of crew skills should be made lesser. Currently crew skills and expert/ace crews require lots of gridning to get good. You can also purchase it directly with $$$ which could make it very P2W.

Reload rate is used as a soft balancing mechanic which is why it is like that.

Gear shifting is coded badly in war thunder. Shifting doesn’t happen when it should, and it feels like a primitive system. When going up a hill the transmission shifts into the highest gear possible, but then loses all torque so then it shifts down. It creates a cycle of shifting up/down when it should just stay in 1 gear.

“Make the game MORE Pay to Win”

Uh no, let’s not and say we did.

Ive noticed that the Driver often has to high of a gear in most situations.

If there’s a bug or I guess more like “poorly implemented feature” in this case in the game, just fix the bug for everyone, not ONLY for people who pay a lot of money or have played for years (maxxed out crews), facepalm

Why ppl play a PvP game and instead of skill they prefer p2w features ?
Really makes you feel you to compete with a no-skill advantage ?

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how about the opposite?

Thats just going to make it P2W - in some cases its already a P2W feature as Expert / Aced Crews have a HUGE advantage

I apologize if my choices in the game have upset some people. I want to clarify that I don’t support pay-to-win features in any game. Admittedly, I haven’t paid much attention to how quickly my crew skills points have grown, and I’ve somewhat mindlessly invested them in things like Reload and driver ability because they sounded good. I mainly play as Sweden and haven’t bothered much with crew survivability or fully understood many other skills, except for Repair speed.

With almost 5,000 hours invested in the game, I simply enjoy hopping into matches whenever I have free time or spending an hour messing around in the test drive. I thought it would be nice if certain abilities had a bit more impact. I’ve never spent Golden Eagles on crew points, only on four premiums that caught my interest: the Swedish Sherman, Vidar (Havent played it much), Pyeremyrsky, and I also got a Talisman on the J29F. I want to emphasize that I’m just a regular player trying to have fun, and I don’t have a large budget to invest heavily in the game. I don’t participate in grinding events; I play solely for enjoyment.

“PAY TO WIN” will not work if it is enhanced for “Pay to Win” players.

Pay to win players will just keep kicking the arses of players that can’t afford the extotionate prices of this game. Keep on getting your arse kicked in every single game you play just pisses you off and is “NO Fun What So Ever” and you move on and never play the game ever again, maybe go back to WoT or something else.

Watch players leave in droves of thousands if “Pay to Win” is enhanced.

Experting a crew, which really should be done as soon as you put any new vehicle in a slot, costs SL’s not real $$. So it in no way is a P2W feature, as ANY player can do that without spending any cash or GE’s. Experting your crew is also the best option in that it adds +3 to all crew skills. Where as the Ace feature adds +2. Ace can be bought for GE’s and that cost goes down on a sliding/prorated scale as you play towards the FREE Ace. Which, since you can get it for FREE, also makes it not a P2W feature. Yeah you can get it faster, that is pay to progress, which is almost what everything in WT is really. Premium vehicles are an exception, as there is no real way to get most of those without an “investment”. The crew skills do help, more in naval than in tanks or planes as it does affect the vehicle performance a good deal more in that mode. Learning to work your crew skills is an important part of the game, especially starting out. A lot of players seem to overlook crew skills, and it can really put a damper on their game play as they move up the ranks and get into higher BR matches.

Sorry Graf, I tagged someone else & don’t even see your name in the thread . . I dunno how that happened . . .lol

It is P2P system, true, but it’s one of the worst P2P systems I’ve seen. Someone new would need who knows how much time to go from 0 to Aced crew on a single slot.

You can grind event vehicles, sell them and buy premiums without spending your money.

They will affect lots of things on tanks as well. In most cases you’ll have substantially better reload, gun handling, etc. and you’ll also repair your vehicle much, much quicker (like 2x quicker).

Crew skills present further imbalances as it’s pretty obvious veterans will have better crew than someone who started out a month ago. Having much more skill and better crew at the same time is a seal clubbing recipe.

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How do you even get a free Ace? For China i have one Crew Slot where i had my Premium 96A(P) on to grind through the Tree until High Tier and so far i have played like almost 800 whole Matches with it and a few with the 99A on it now and im still just at Crew Level ~80-85 with it lol…with Germany i also grinded from bottom to Top w/o Top Premium but the highest Crew i have with them is also just like level 50, no Ace with any and experting each individual Tank is expensive af, Top Tier alone costs like 1,5 Million SL to expert a single one - and yeah can be grinded to but given that its so expensive and takes so insanely long to get to i would consider Pay2Win and definitely P2P in extreme

The only Vehicles i have experts Crews on are the Tigers, Panther A/G and 96A(P) + 99A, to expensive for me as im also just only playing GRB

Yeah, well . . the “tank” economy is the most difficult to manage I guess. But the way that it works is like this: Once you set a crew to Expert for a vehicle in a certain slot, EVERY game you play with it from that point on will count towards the FREE Ace. Being only basic, you get no credit for any games played, none of them will count towards the FREE Ace . . has to be set to Expert. This is why I started doing it years ago when I first started, and it is not that expensive in that it is just a SL’s cost anyway, no GE or “real” money required. Again, Experting your crew gives them +3 to all skills, while the Ace is another +2 on top of that, so Expert crew really is the best, easiest & fastest deal as far as all 3 options go for your crew skills. To check your progress, open your crew for any vehicle you have in a line up and go to Qualification, then hover over the crew skill setting you have, if it is set to Expert, it will show your progress to the Ace. ALL the way is FREE, but you can Ace a crew with GE’s any time you want, and it "discounts it 2 times before you reach the FREE mark at the end, so the cost actually goes down. Again, all dependent on how much you play the vehicle . . it’s a pretty fair deal. I wish it was explained better, as many players go on for a good long time not knowing the best way to work their crew skills, which is a pity . . . I hope that helps