Can we have more historically detailed USSR flags?

Very glad to see war thunder’s new UI after the last major update.
Now we have flags behind the vehicle in the preview info card.
Also what surprised me is that we have historically detailed two versions of US flags, aka, the 48 stars version and the 50 stars version.

But still, there’s several versions of USSR flags pre/post WWII as well, so can we have more historical detailed USSR flags?






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It’s just too sadge to see all the flags are the same…

You made me looking them up as I was unaware that different. Yeah, we can seeing two different US flags apart on profiles based on before and after 1960 . Thank you for letting us know.

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Same, interesting knowledge.
They seem to have had trouble with that sickle lol.

Indeed, it’s unfortunate that Gaijin is not consistent in applying historically accurate flags, where the law permits of course.

Germany shouldn’t be using the War Ensign for its Nazi-era vehicles, and should instead be using a swastika-free version of the State Flag (the red flag, with the white circle and alternative-swastika in the middle). The same is true for Imperial Japan, they should be using the regular Japanese flag, as that was the state flag of Japan at the time as well (with only a different shade of red being used).


Oh, You are right as we need to be careful and should not bring up certain historical flag that already banned in today’s.

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