Can we get the old sounds back? Or just better new ones

I cannot be the only one who either hear tanks from halfway across the map, or gets killed by tanks literally 5 meters away that you never heard at all.

If you’d be inside a tank, I doubt you’d hear anything aside from your own engine, hearing anything other than that is obviously unrealistic but if we go with third person there should be some range, but right now the distance is kinda crazy and can create stagnating gameplay because everyone knows you’re coming around the corner about 20 seconds before you actually do.

Especially egregious is that sound doesn’t seem to be muted at all behind buildings, at home I don’t even hear a car around the corner, but in game I can hear a tank coming from 3 streets away.

Planes are also just silly, you can fly 300 meter above the map and locate tanks by their engines, how does that make sense? It’s difficult enough for tanks to avoid detection but even if you’re hidden they can just hear you, because it makes a lot of sense that a pilot strapped onto an engine can hear a tank 300 meter below, so you have to turn off the engine as if you’re a submarine trying to avoid detection.

The other way around the detection range from planes is actually really low when on the ground, but the volume really high compared to everything else, which isn’t great if there’s constantly planes buzzing overheard.

And then the whole thing with planes and helicopters opening doors and canopies to gain an advantage by being able to hear missiles and such, which is just silly.

If anything sounds need to be rebalanced, volume needs to be equal, distance needs to be reduced so things actually make sense.


250 meters away, behind a mountain, sounds like he’s right there… two and a half football fields

I disagree. Engines sounds are finally good, and if they update/change they’ll just get all screwed up again. I would rather hear an enemy or friendly than the sound version from earlier in the year where IS6 could drive right up do you with no sound.

To avoid aircraft hearing you if you’re off the grid so to speak, just turn off your engine when they approach. I do it all the time.

Neither are good, and I fail to see why we can’t have actual consistent, realistic sounds.

And yeah you can turn off your engine, but it’s stupid you have to do that to avoid detection from a plane, it makes no sense at all.

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I’m a bit on the fence here.
On one hand, it’s yet another way to have an early warning of vehicle presence and movement.
On the other, it is indeed a bit unrealistic, in realistic battles, to be able to hear stuff, while being inside a metal box.
If there was a… plausibly realistic option of opening the tank’s hatch to hear stuff going on outside, but at the expense of making some, if not all, crew exposed, I might be willing to accept it.

I don’t mind hearing some stuff, but the extend of hearing seems either way too much or way too little, a tank 50 meters in front is one thing, 250 meters is excessive especially if it’s behind a mountain.
Buildings and whatnot also do not mute or reduce the sound at all.

Planes especially it’s just bad because it makes spotting vehicles even more trivial.


At the same time this AML literally just drove in front of me and I completely missed it, he also didn’t notice me at all, how can I simultaneously hear a Tiger ll moving 250 meters away behind a mountain, but can’t hear an AML on the other side of a bush


I wish the cannon sounds were reverted to as they were previous update. Right now, most guns use the same sound and they’re not even that good.
Like the ZSU-57-2 and Ho-Ro (howitzer) use the same gun sound wtf

Tons of vehicles also share the same sound, it’s really dumb when I’m driving a WW2 vehicle and recognize the sound for a WMA or Marder etc, they all have the same engine sound somehow.
Although just as annoying is that the game never created RPM based sound and it just plays a sound loop which seems really lazy, but maybe there’s a reason for it.

However that is secondary to me when it comes to just gameplay and not hearing an engine next to me or hearing it from 250m away.

If there’s a giant wall, building or mountain between me and a vehicle, it should affect the sound, how they fail even this most basic thing is sad.

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