Can we get the MV-22 cuz f it



what would its place be?

it wouldn’t really have a place it would just be cool model to have it. I know silly it’s just cuz I worked on them for 5 years and to see it in the game would be bad A$$. o7

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would be fun to fly around

If you want to suggest something, place it in the helicopter suggestion bracket. The MV-22 has a belly mounted minigun turret, so it is not defensless and could have a place as a unique mid tier helicopter event prize.

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can put 2 50cals on the back and a 7.62 mini gun on the belly. it would be just a meme but eh what the hell why not.

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@Cosmic_CLU make a heli suggestion. War Thunder added the Arado 234 b-2 bombers that only have bombs. I am sure they could easily add for an event vehicle the MV-22 Osprey with just it’s belly mounted turret.

It certainly ticks the box for unique, it ticks the box as something people would want. So make the suggestion.

Machinery of War Discussion is abit of a formality when it comes to suggestions, so might aswell make a suggestion and get it upvoted.

Would probably be easier to get the V-280 added with weapons, I think they wanted to put the rapid dragon / griffin launcher on the V-22, but I dont think it ever came to be.

It would be useful in helicopter PvE given how ridiculously large the maps are. Only thing it could really do as of now is that “capture base” objective that ain’t worth a dog fart. It would be nice if they added objectives where transport and utility helicopters are actually needed.



The ospreys would definitely have a place in the game if they stopped neglecting heli PvE.