Can we get new In-game tutorials?

Hello. currently the game lacks tutorials for top tier jets. Once the player reach tier 7 OR 8 They get thrown in the battle with no tutorials for how to use radars, flares (effective ways) and missiles and i’m not talking about the controls but how to use them for your battle performance and survive even more.
Right now players have to focus on just external resources like videos and other stuff, but I’m here to raise awareness that we need better and explained tutorials in game by the devs. for:

alot of players really don’t get enough time to survive in the battle for 4 mintues. they just get missiled down and suffer from the game and go back to low tiers and i don’t call that an skill issue.

• Explain each type of radar, And the use of them. when or how to detect missiles or enemies.
• tactics for top tier and how to use top tier jets and it’s missiles.

Do you agree on adding more tutorials?


This is badly needed. The advanced weapon systems and related keybinds could use an interactive format that teaches you how to setup and use them.

EDIT: At the very least, it would be nice to have an environment to test these weapon and radar systems without being hindered by competitors.

I agree, let’s really hope they care about that


imagine excusing slow progression with “players learning” while not even having proper tutorials