Can we get monthly or at least bi-monthly BR changes instead of every ~4-6 months?

One of the easiest things I think gaijin could do to improve the game is to simply adjust BRs more often. Currently we get usually 2 or 3 changes a year and frankly with the way the game is that doesn’t at all feel like enough. Especially since lately it seems gaijin only wants to change a small amount of vehicles at a time on top of that.


Would also be nice if they didnt do the br changes right before updates. Like how the strella got optical tracking right after the br changes.


to me , at the very least, it should leapfrog where an update releases and halfway between the next update they do a BR change and repeat. 5 BR changes a year is way more reasonable than 2-3


Yeah, middle would work best. Too soon and the meta has not settled. Too late and the meta is going to be changed soon after

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Nah. Accurate data is required, and changing too quickly wouldn’t help as much as you’d think it would.

I agree @AlvisWisla : however, 3 per years changes is largely possible.

I don’t think gaijin is actually doing anything but letting an algorithom do this so I don’t think this logic holds up. If they do more common changes they can also just fix things they mess up. The opposite of this is true too, sometimes they change something in a really dumb way that didn’t need to be changed and we need to wait 6 months to MAYBE see it fixed, sometimes years.

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They gauge the necessity of BR changes based on individual vehicle performance metrics that aren’t accessible to us plebians.

That’s why an appropriate length of time is required - to see a proper sample size before drawing any conclusions.

And before anyone says it, Thunderskill is inaccurate and dogshit for anything other than player stats and even then it’s slow to update.


Yeah, my take is that they don’t do a whole lot of thinking at all though in this regard… regarding BR changes


My opinion is that the thinking they might do doesn’t have a whole lot of sense behind it.

The M2K BR changes is a great example - SC5 got moved up but the SC4 didn’t due to lesser player performance metrics despite being the exact same plane weapons and FM wise.

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Thing is every 2 or 3 months is too light to have a correct view of the field,… most of the a new vehicule is introduced, it is spammed within the next 2 months, not giving it a clear idea of it’s real fighting abilities when unspammed.

Case in point:

Fox - gonna guess some who will mainly face it are currently using it and so just facing the worst players while using said vehicle. The more experienced are grinding/spading/using it just like with many new additions in the past.

When the spam subsides a clearer indication will be known, but not by us as we don’t have the stats.

Agree I’ve posted loads of changes to planes/tanks/ships not even a reply to any of them which they should DO…im thinking of copying and pasting all the stuff i post just to paste it back in rather than retype it all over again saves time.

so can we change more frequent for those old vehicles? new vehicles need to wait until the spam subsides, but i think those were been added more than 2 major upgrade dont need to, unless they are still fun to play (or op), but if they are still op that they are even more necessary to be balanced

Yep, I was just noting my concern on vehicles as they were added and how it might be best for statistics to settle.

You can just exclude new additions for a few BR changes if you’re worried about that. It doesn’t mean you can’t change older vehicles’ BR

not only that,… Spam of one vehicule definetly impact results on everyone else.


You play a spammed vehicule, you don’t play anything else.

So Gaijin have less stats to do Balance from.

(And about F-15, pretty sure you’re wrong too ^^")

I still don’t understand tbh