Can we get help from the community of War Thunder to gain traction bringing Marketplace to consoles

What up War Thunder Fans

As a wish to bring forward is that I’m a PS5 player and have played this game since before jets and ships were available. The main priority that should be concentrated on is bringing marketplaces to consoles so it’s fair for all users and collectors to share and enjoy the game. I’ve seen that Crossout has market place for console but not WT? I’ve seen on the forums including old, players have been asking for this for more than 3 years. Whatever needs to happen to make it a reality needs to be priority weather console plays have to pay a bit more to include tax apart from PC players so be it. PLEASE make it PRIORITY for next update. As a collector of aircraft and love for the game it feels I am sanctioned for being a console player. I’m sure I’m speaking on the behalf of thousands of players and within that there is much business profit to be made. It will be a big boom in profit regardless of Sony and Microsoft’s requirements.

Sorry for the rant but I’m sure if Only console players could access Marketplace and PC players couldn’t I’m sure you could understand the level of frustration of being locked out of one of the games main features to access to trade and obtain rare, missed vehicles and skins.
Please help the topics related gain traction to help console players.

Please search and find all topics related to marketplace for console and smash the like button to help it gain more traction.

It would be much appreciated. Thanks guys 🤙🏻

This isn’t up to gaijin


Not going to happen
Well known that Sony wants biggest slice of the pie

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Hey mate, I’ve seen a player that showed a screenshot of him messaging Sony about the matter and Sony says they don’t own the game and basically pointing the finger back at Gaijin for the answer?
Anyway I have read into all posts on here regarding the matter and know Sony and Microsoft charge a 30% tax on all purchases. Money for nothing piggy in the middle crooks lol. If you could help liking posts regarding the matter, there are a few to help it gain traction would be appreciated 🤙🏻 If we have to pay a tax apart from PC players so be it. Better than being locked out all together.
Thanks for your time to reply. Cheers mate 🍻

Just whatever needs to happen… if console players have to pay the tax so be it. Better than been locked out permanently. Cheers for the response 🤙🏻

I can agree to that, large corporations are happy to take money for nothing and not care. Some sort of negotiation should be made for the players tho. Wonder how it works with Crossout? It has marketplace for consoles


Is there an official stance by Gaijin on this matter?

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I’ve seen a post from moderator it’s secret business with Sony, Microsoft and Gaijin. Said there a possibility in the future for console marketplace. It’s just where’s the future? People been talking about this matter for more than 3 years 🤷🏻‍♂️

Pretty sure they have given one a few times along the lines of “it is not up to use but Sony”

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There has to be a way to get consoles access to the market. Buy GE from Xbox/PS then for consoles convert GE to GC. Boom market open.

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Well honestly I don’t know why people still buy and use consoles, especially for multiplayer games. PC just offers so many more liberties

With Crossout already having console marketplace I don’t see what the real issue is? Something made it work but not for WT?🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe because PC (thanks to Ngreedia) is now luxury
PS & Xbox cost 500/600/700 ?
My PC cost me nearly four grand and i had Monitor and other peripherals .

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Don’t buy nvidia or intel honestly, Boeing of computers

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I know I want a PC that’s capable of running race sims and flight sims but your talking $$$$.
I like console tho, sit on the couch plug and play on my 85 inch screen. PS has some pretty good PS only games too. Want an Xbox for forza too. I want ‘em all 😄🤙🏻

They dont share much info about it, but my speculation is that Xbox/PS want to have a cut when people use real money to buy things ( except you can still buy GE from the website as a console user) This may have been in their contract when getting on console and to get more market share. They previously being a lot smaller of a company may have agreed to those terms to get there game to more people but now they are a much bigger company with a lot more income.

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not only will everything be 30% more expensive on console but there will be a lot of limitations on what can be sold IF sony and microsoft even allow it in the first place

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Sounds awesome, yea consoles have their limitations for sure. For a cheap still pretty good package with good controllers like edge control console is pretty good still. A PC made much simpler

Every PC publisher that doesn’t release their game on PS always says same thing …Sony is too greedy and wants total control.

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Unless you bought a Scapple, 4k for a PC is insane. 4k gets you one of the most powerful machines in the world