Can we get helipads and airfields in place where you can reach them with tanks?

CAS and HELI are spawn camping tanks for years now , how about we allow the same other way around .

CAS is so effective as they have no issues finding targets they just fly and target enemy spawn . Let them taste their own medicine .

CAS also should be forced to start from airfield.

You would see the outrage there , then there would be a reply : SPAWN A TANK !?


Honestly, i am all for it. If some dude wants to go drive 15+km to sit at the enemy airfield, let him.


Sure, just put airfield at 30km from battlefield, at least in top tier.

So i can take off,gain speed and spot the Sam systems before they can engage me.


shhhh but all systems to combat jets are useless its why I use my sp on another MBT after cas kills me or just stomp my feet and leave

Bold of you to assume that Pantsir is rendering in before you’re under 10km away

Just got out of the match on Sweden.

Pantsir rendered on my Tornado’s targeting pod from 12km, i just marked him with my targeting point then notched to the ground, after i took my position i approached at very low alt and killed him easily.

But still that thing is broken.

Broken is CAS and Heli`s who can farm for free . SPAA should be buffed way above pantsir lvls


As long as Gaijin introduce HARM missiles im okay with that.