Can we get an option for an air spawn in Test Flight?

I think i would be great if we could get an option for an air spawn when going into test flight. When im trying new setups and there are no more ground targets to kill, would be nice when i hit restart or alter the setup and start a new test session that i dont have to take off and get to altitude so i can try something out.


Not a bad idea.

I’d even go further and ask for additional options, like possibility for bots to respawn, selection of which training field to use (I think the country specific choice is too restricted…),…


If it’s an aircraft in your crew line then you can do the Mission Editor (in the Test Flight window) to get air spawn plus more targets to interact with.

It still doesn’t have the reset, or re-spawning ground targets (I think) though, so maybe not exactly what you’re after.

I think this is an important point here, because most of the times I want to intensively test a vehicle is before I get (or more importantly) before I buy it, and the test drive atm just doesn’t offer enough to do this thoroughly and in a relevant way for all the vehicles…

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I agree.

I always thought they didn’t allow easy testing/playing of new vehicles because then if people played them lots they wouldn’t buy them, but if you give them a “taste” that would excite them / motivate them to buy it. But maybe I’m just too pessimistic, or maybe it’s just marketing :)

The test drive for tanks is great, with respawning tanks/planes at various distances and with various levels of protection.

By contrast test flight we get a sprinkle of targets on the ground and two air targets to kill, and nothing respawns.

I think having them respawn like they do in the tank test drive would also be great as well.

It’s far from great to be honest.
In a perfect world you would have the option to choose what vehicles you want to spawn in.

actually, that’s a pretty good idea

Yeah! I like that idea and would like to see it.

Who would really like to spawn in a bomber on the ground only to fly 10min up to a decent altitude to test a bomb run?

Test drive modes are stupidly basic, even the AI tanks in the hangar get a better test drive than we do.
Couple years ago we had an obstacle course as an event, that’d be great to have available as a test drive location.

Tanks need to be able to pick targets, SPAA needs more targets, planes also lack targets, its dumb.

Sure but this is GJN we are talking about. Test drive won’t be touched for another 10 years.