Can we expect T14 and SU34 this year?

As the Strv122B+ and Leopard A7V coming, will Russia get T14 or something this year? or more T80s?And the Russia CAS power seems to need an update as well, what is the next? SU34? SU30? SU24m is not good enough at toptier.

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Yeeeeah hopefully not,

I’m not trying to say “down with russia”.
But you currently have the strongest aa in the game matched with easily top 5 mbts

Its a recipe for disaster and it has been a disaster. Addibg the panstir was a terrible idea

Not to mention the current best fighter

So sure you can have better cas jets when other countries can get pansir level of aa.

In term lf t14 ? I mean sure why not but nations would probably need there new shells which would effect balance for everyone


It’s a stretch, but ground and air are moving very quickly.

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I mean if one fantasy vehicle can be added in 2S38, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add Armata too.


Bruh what? Russia does NOT need new stuff. The rest of the nations need to have their current vehicles fixed to the specs they should be at in addition to getting tech comparable to Russian ones that were added way too early (Pantsir, R27-ER, R27-ET).


The T-14 doesn’t have any public stats that are verifiable. How can it be added without Gaijin just making shit up or using “documents” where it says the T-14 is immune to projectiles that don’t reach the speed of light?


I’m not expecting T-14

As for Su-30/34 it depends on Gaijins schedule, introducing PESA radar arrays specifically.

And I wouldn’t say USSR struggles for CAS, Ka-52 and Mi-28NM are still insane.

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Ka-50 and Mig-29 as well


i never used smt as a cas. its feels 2 cringe . use yak 141 or mig 29 or su 27 as a cas plane its a shame. perma ban XD

Why the Su-34 now when the Su-24 isn’t even in game yet? Let alone other nations’ equivalents to the Su-34 such as the American F-15E Strike Eagle or the Chinese J-16?


bruh ffs, russia is about to get either thr R-77 or the R-27EA in the fox 3 patch.
they just got the Su-27 and the T-90M. what more can be wanted this year?
we need to slow down or this game is gonna die


The devs are obsessed with quickly building their shoddy bridge that they haven’t even stopped to look behind them and see that it’s crumbling. Eventually it’ll collapse underneath their own feet if they keep adding more.

They seriously just need a dedicated QoL update for the health of the game…


Really odd to say this since literally neither of these vehicles are as fantasy as M247.

M247 deserves a special mention every single time discussion of “fantasy” or prototype vehicles is brought it because it single handedly sets the lowest bar for a functional vehicle.

If you know, in real life the M247 prototype was a dead weight which spectacularly failed just about every single trial it ever participated in. It didn’t work outright and wasn’t apparently fixable. Gaijin went ahead and fixed it because apparently US needed possibly the strongest AA at the time it was added…

2S38 and T-14 is significantly more functional as a prototype than M247 in real life. Magically I see 0 complaints about M247, only about Kronshtadt, 2S38 and so on… Almost like it’s a biased nonsense argument…

Because the M247 has long since disappeared from being meta in any way, shape or form. Complaining about it now would be like crying about the CL-13 being OP in air battles in 2024…

These are quite strong as helicopters go.

Su-27 almost completely relies on its missiles, not really a good situation for a mythically good dogfighter plane, missing lots of thrust too. Gimped like MiG-29 was on launch and somewhat still is.

It’s kept competitive by R-27ER being very strong and R-73 being used on people who don’t know what the flare key is, or the vast amount of top tier planes with low amounts of countermeasures.

T-90M is more or less a downgrade to T-80BVM, which I don’t mind either, but it’s a significant downgrade and shouldn’t be mentioned as if it’s a significant vehicle.

We got F-15 without having MiG-25 even, so all this leapfrogging is pretty much guarunteed.

Same like we went from earliest MiG-29 and F-16 variants to ones that are almost 40 years newer.

9.0 still exists and M247 is completely cracked.

My point is it represents an absolute double standard in thinking. People will happily complain about Yak-141, where all gaijin had to do was complete it according to its plans. 0 evidence it was broken or in any way had serious problems.

Meanwhile M247 was actively dangerous to everything around it except the very targets it was meant to fire at. M247 was completely broken and practically non-functional, Gaijin really bent over backwards to make it work, that’s the point.

Pantsir was really a bad move.

1 because it negated a lot of existing planes.

2 because planes were almost immediately added that negated it. Either by flying so low and fast, or just launching a D maverick from outside the range Pantsir can actually do anything about it.

Call it typical Gaijin leapfrogging.

Wasnt the m247 problems fixed later in its life…

Well I can’t argue against that, because I’m biased against anything russian

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