Can we expect T14 and SU34 this year?


Russia doesn’t have TOR-M1.
Pantsir can’t hit semi-skilled CAS players.
Russia also doesn’t have Gripen or Mirage 4000, the best fighters in War Thunder.

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We would never see T-14 Armata in 4 or 5 years before introduced rank IX

Personally, I think Su-34 basic better F-15E Strike Eagle (USAF) & F-15I Ra’am (IAF/IDF) 90’s, Shenyang J-16 similar to Boeing F-15EX Eagle II & F-15IA

  1. There was a whole thread about this, stop saying Russia needs the supposedly best SPAA in the game when no other nation has a SPAA even close to the Pantsir besides China

  2. From the entire other thread on this subject, that has not been proven at all

  3. Oh no Russia doesn’t get the best dogfighting jet and the best missile carrier in the game? Wow Russia is really struggling right now, aren’t they? /s


its a great dogfighter especially with the HMD and TVC R-73’s.
its by no means an underdog.

you speak as if the R-73 does not have one of the best IIRCCM’s in game. sure long range shots are iffy but who uses the R-73 past 3km?

smh x 1, sigh x 3
how in the world is it a downgrade? i get it. the T-80 series really is quite a bit good with that reverse speed, but damn. you just swatted away the russian top tier tank just like that?
as if russia didnt make the BVM upgrade BASED on the T-90M’s (at the time) new features

and yes it is a significant vehicle. arguing otherwise is honestly quite foolish.


not a single T-90M has been taken out in Ukr by enemy fire.

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Like MiG-29 it’s missing a bunch of its thrust from the engines, to a ridiculous capacity, it doesn’t have the flight performance it really should have. Hence relying on the missiles.

I would much rather be fired at by R-73 than AIM-9M since I can defeat one by pressing a singel key in many instances, AIM-9M in my experience is purely an instant death sentence with almost no counterplay available unless you happen to have insane flight performance and a huge quantity of flares. Like say F-15 or JAS39.

Slower reload, less carousel shells, slower acceleration, lower top speed, big gun mantlet with like 200mm protection maxiumum, bustle at the back of the turret is basically just a way to get oneshot even more easily through the front of the turret.

And you gain what, laser warning receiver? Upper hull that can’t be lol-penned under the ERA except the obvious gaping weakspot on every T-64, T-72, T-80 and T-90? Slightly smaller carousel? Fuel tanks that for the first time aren’t filled with explosives? Commanders thermals?

So yeah, sidegrade or downgrade, take your pick.

Perhaps later T-90M versions will be stronger.

1- Stop calling all 10 tech trees in War Thunder Russia. They have names.
ITO-90M & TOR-M1 perform the same as Pantsir. But ALL tech trees need better stuff cause CAS is still OP and far superior than ITO-90M, TOR-M1, and Pantsir.
2- This has been proven countless times.
3- We’ve established you’re a fan of Russia with your arguments against balancing of all tech trees.

Updated with the major update.

You really love throwing this one around, wouldn’t surprise me if you had a macro for it. If that were true he wouldn’t want SPAA comparable to the TORM1 and the Pantsir for all tech trees.

Tech trees already have those.
We need SPAA significantly MORE powerful than TOR-M1 in ALL 10 tech trees.

That’s for sure, hopefully that comes soon.

Russia doesn’t have TOR-M1.

Are you joking? How is the Tor better than the Pantsir? No thermals, inferior radar, 8 vs 12 missiles, no gun so you have a 2km deadzone in which you are just an useless brick and a much taller chassis that makes hiding impossible. If you can’t kill CAS in a Pantsir that is a pure skill issue.


TOR-M1’s missiles actually hit as they’re higher Gs.
Weird of you to accuse all Pantsir players in the world of having a skill issue.


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99% of them (which is ~28) got baked by Arty.
There is 1 cooked by a double stack anti tank TM-62.

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T-14 deserves to be added because USSR winrates are the second lowest in the game…just behind USA.
Leopards and Strv122s that don’t spall (if you manage to pen them) absolutely mop the floor with USSR top tier MBTs…

Not really. Its only missing a few Newtons of thrust which wouldn’t make any difference. Main issue is MiG 29’s flight model isn’t modelled properly. It loses way too much speed while turning.

I mean here the developers just use napkin maths and random ‘logic’ to explain how the engines lose loads of their rated thrust.

Absolutely not. Russia doesn’t need anything. Period.