Can we consider rework on this?

as the video shows in WT tanks feels It always feels like your tank is going to stop moving

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Things are pretty much always being tweaked or improved

But the major difference here is that they are operating on hard compacted surface in the video, meanwhile you are in somewhat soft swamp / marshland in comparison, so it is definitely not going to operate in the same way

Will… Maybe we can get it improved in the near future, who knows what the future holds for this game lol

If you really want to pinpoint inaccuracies in game physics perhaps you should compare it with tank on concrete going full speed as WT has modelled different surfaces? This is just lazy…

Jesus guys calm down. Let’s keep it civilized please no need to start a war here.

Its how Threads get locked lol…

But, if you want to try again on similar compacted, concrete or roads/runways etc… for testing purposes, you could then submit a bug report… for I guess for traction issues ? or you could PM a Tech Mod and they should be able to fill you in on bet way to report something like that

You can go ahead and lock it lol. When I get the time I’ll send out an bug report about this

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This issue has been passed over to developers in 2016-2017 already. The only reason why it’s not here yet, it’s because they cannot do it, or choose not to for one reason or another.