Can we change the scoring a bit?

Can we help folks out on the ground a bit by taking the scoring away for every friendly killed by a bomb?

I often see these ridiculous-sized bombs killing half a team. Can we alter things a bit so that every friendly killed by such a bomb takes enemy kills away from the pilot that dropped the bomb? The pilot that killed half my team just now was suddenly our #1 player, and I’m thinking I would have liked to have shot him down before he could remove my team from the map. Can we stop rewarding these idiots so grandly for team slaughter?

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Each Team Kill is “rewarded” with a fine in SL.
After 2 TKs in a game, the player is automatically kicked from the game.

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That is OK, but I would like even their score in the match to get butchered with negative kills, too.

Now the scores players get for every kill/assist/cap is low enough, you won’t be pleased to see your RP income going even lower. However this could be considered after the overall score and RP increase.