Can we all agree that Transonic (and lower) jets should not meet Supersonic jets?

I’ve been playing the J29F and J32B for a while, and I have noticed that people that have more than 3 braincells are EXTREMELY hard to kill. Especially if your team doesn’t have any supersonic aircraft. They can just climb to space if in danger Most of the time IR missiles are too slow to catch them or if they notice you have launched a missile they just Climb to space (again) or turn slightly, This simple maneuverer makes most IR missiles miss. A couple games ago a single MIG-21 Wiped the whole team simply because it ran away as soon as we targeted it. And when we assumed it RTB It came and killed 2 of ours. We had 1 F-104 That got killed one minute into the match. By the same MIG-21 that killed all of us. I now understand why The whole team chases Every supersonic aircraft to death because its literal cancer. So dear reader can we agree that supersonic aircraft don’t belong with Transonic aircraft or lower.

And to those of you saying but just get your own: Do you think I enjoy Taking aircraft That get club sealed on purpose?

If you think yes: You are a MIG-21/MIG-19S main.

If you think no: You also get bullied by MIG-21, MIG-19s, F-104a, etc.

Welcome to the Transonic Resistance all of you who agree


No. Because some to a lot of subsonic jets can easily kill F-13s and F-104s.
Decompression needs to occur, but not to the point of never seeing a supersonic jet.


What? Lol! Kill “easily” a F-104 that strafes you with Mach 1,3 or so and accelerates with 200m/s in your Mig-17 that barely reaches Mach 1 and accelerates with 50 m/s

Ayit isn’t a Mig-17.

A-10 su25 av8

On one hand, i agree. On the other, some sub-sonics would destroy everyrhing at 9-10 ish. Like the sea harrier or Gr7