Can we agree that this is the most BS battle pass task ever?

Like im wonderign how it is even possible to do? For ground it is undestandable. For ait AB, it depends on the luck of the map you get. And naval? Yeah, that is pretty much impossible.

Went relatively quick. No big deal.

If you don’t want to, don’t do it, you can complete the battlepass without completing the missions. and the missions are missions, because you have to play in an unusual environment/regime for you to get a reward

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It is one of the easiest naval tasks tbh


“most difficult ever”??? Do you not remember the “kill 5 players with unguided bombs from 4km” a couple battle passes ago?


Ohhh. Good point. Completly forgot about that one…it may be also thanks to me not doing that BP. Ohh yeah, that was BS also, but hey, if you had a PE-8 or Lancaster, it was easy to do…but they usually kill half of their team with it

Im confident that devs coming up with this shit doesnt play the game. It would be fun with a devstream where they complete battle tasks like these.


Pretty freaking challenging even without the bonked match type queue rate.
Somehow Dodo has the worst takes on every subject.

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I don’t know if you’re still checking this or not, but on the chance you are, or someone is looking at this thread for ideas, my particular solution to this was as follows:

Ground - this should be, as others mentioned, easy or at least straightforward to do.

Air - This is exclusively Air AB because of the cap requirement. My method was to pick a lineup as low in BR as possible, and then at start use the fastest plane to cap the closest airfield (landing gear won’t rip in Air AB - landing gear down at 500 kts? Not a problem). After that do a suicide run to destroy a ground target (there didn’t seem to be many ground targets at all on the domination style maps) and then, once those 2 conditions were met, just let the game run its course (assuming everyone can get at least 1 kill in Air AB)

Naval - (I attempted this exclusively on Coastal…I didn’t think Bluewater ships would move fast enough, but I am definitely not a naval main.) Again, use the lowest BR lineup you can get away with.

Most times I tried to bum rush the nearest cap point with a motor torpedo boat (get the cap first) then engage in the usual naval-based, spawn-camping shenanigans (holy crap, how has no one looked at these maps? Many of them are, literally, a circle where you simply get position to fire into the other teams’ spawn).

To me, the hardest part of naval is waiting/hoping/catching the enemy planes. Which is why I also put a fighter (BR appropriate) into one of my slots so that I could use that against the enemy bombers/strikers.

Something that needs to be stressed is this: the condition for the challenge is “use the vehicle Rank 3 and above”…but in the case of Naval, for example, I had a rank 2 fighter plane (La-5) that I used to get the air kills (and also a couple naval kills - don’t sleep on the 20mm). So you can get away using Rank 2 in your lineups AS LONG AS YOU PLAY A RANK 3 in the same battle while attempting the challenge. This works on everything, pretty much.

I know a lot of people are old hands and already knew that, but on challenges like this and especially for newer players, this is one of those subtle points that gets lost or glossed over.

Best of luck. I spent about a week (on and off) working on the Naval side. The Air side took about 3 days, the Ground was done in about 2 - 4 hours.


I don’t know, what is so bad about getting it done quickly?

It’s a relative term. You’re suggesting your queue times were always short, and you got it done with very few failed attempts or no failed attempts. What is quickly to you could be excruciating to someone else. You could have done it in 1 or 3 days and still say quickly. Nobody would know

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sure, but you had to wait 20 minutes to climb from spawn to 4km lol
That’s how I did it but it wain’t fun

that was easy if you did it in air rb vs ju288 bots

Yes. Relative to the other statements. Like

“short”. It’s a relative term. ^^

Tank just happened. I had no need to play for it. Air took six dom attempts, as I was doing it when I was actually doing a bomb bases assignment and had only a minimal lineup. Naval was 7. One match I got no cap, one match no plane. But that was OK, as I got other assignments done.

Actually I think those terms(and many others tossed about in most every text chat I have ever read . . .lol) are more “subjective” terms, as in open to interpretation and having varying meanings to different people. And I agree, what is a “short” time to one, may be much longer than short to another. A great deal of the game is “subjective” in nature, but many get caught up in the “details” which still may vary a good deal by perspective.
Having played every BP to the fullest since it was implemented, I can say from my experience that as far as difficulty goes, they seem very much the same to me. Yes you have some aspects that are harder than others . . . I fly AB Air most of the time, as that is easier for me to find Daily & Special tasks that I can manage in less time with less effort. So any tank or naval task is generally a bit more work/time & effort than plane tasks. And there are some that require I play outside my “comfort zone” of Arcade. Some I manage, others . … not so much. But, a man has to know his limitations. So, I can bypass Challenges and still get past lvl 125 pretty easy. getting the next BP for free . . that’s how I roll with the BP. I did all the Challenges and got past lvl 175 on the very first BP . . . I won’t be doing that again . . . lol. I have made it past lvl 150 on almost all of the BP’s, to get the last prize, a “title”, but even that is not as important as before. I don’t “grind” for vehicles specifically too much anymore, just do the Daily BP stuff and that keeps me occupied with the game. . everyone plays differently

I am not sure what you are actually trying to tell me. ;-)

meh . . I rambled a bit(not that unusual for me actually), but I was just trying to clarify the difference between relative & subjective . . . as best I can remember anyway . . . lol. The rest was a general commentary on the BP . . I see many lamenting aspects of it and would like to help them if possible. No big deal . . . sorry for the “casual ping” I guess . . . lol
(old people stuff) . . . . 8 )


Yeah it’s relative, but people don’t take it literally. There would be many topics flooding the board if it were literally impossible, and WT would have to patch it. So nobody got lost in his vagueness there. The fact of the matter is in Naval, to control the outcome instead of rely on random chance, it’s about the most challenging thing you can do in the match type because of the variability of tasks and complexity of requirements compared to other modes. AB, most any plane can carry a bomb or even kill a ground vehicle with guns because there’s a lot of armored cars on Dom maps. Every plane has wheels except I think some sea planes. To kill a plane in Naval, you have to rely on luck and proximity for your guns to kill a plane, or you have to spawn in a plane which requires points and a death. Technically speaking, it’s much more complicated than the other modes, and figuring out the best way to do it might not be obvious to most.

I find your suggestion that it was quick and ez dishonest mostly in part to the chief complaint which is the fact that so few domination matches spawn in AB, and there’s even Naval battles without points to cap reliably or at all before tickets run out, on Encounter maps. So “Quickly” simply is not possible due to the random maps especially in AB.

6 domination AB matches when you only get something like 2/10 chance or less at Domination in AB takes nearly an entire day of play if you aren’t constantly leaving matches on Ground Strike or Air Dom.

If I would have a choice between this challenge and several others, I would take this again any time. It is doable en passant in the air and on the ground, if you play the modes regularly.
For naval, it required the initial thought that it will work best at low BRs. Which is good for all players, as this is easiest to have ready. At this BR, there are only maps with caps in arcade iirc. To kill a plane in naval, you need to be able to fire at planes manually or to dogfight. And you need a red plane, which I didn’t get in one of my games. But that doesn’t make it generally impossible.

Your odds for Domination are wrong. You can easily measure them objectively using the replay server.
You avoid unfavorable matches by combining this challenge with a task or special where you need air strike or front line maps. That way, no mission is wasted. If you get dom, you do the challenge, if you get air strike, you do the task. It just requires planning, but that holds true for the entire pass.

And if you play air AB regularly, it would just happen during play, no need to pay any attention to this.