Can we agree that this is the most BS battle pass task ever?

I played AB for about 10 or 12 nearly straight hours and only had 3 dom maps. I began leaving them if I didn’t get a dom match.
Naval has a match type called Encounter where each team has one zone near their spawn with cargo ships. I don’t know how to cap them without it being some long drawn out match which by that time was too long for me because I might not complete all the variables in it anyway, so it seemed like a waste to try. My tasks were done in AB for both tier 2 and 3 pretty quickly, and yet I still only had about 2/5 AB Dom matches. I never failed in a dom match once I got it. I was very close to not getting a plane kill because our team was so dominant. I simply couldn’t get in range of one after doing the runway cap and vehicle kill, but I managed to get a plane kill or two.

Point is you can’t come here and tell people it’s not a difficult task when simple popularity argues otherwise. People exaggerate when they are frustrated. That doesn’t give you room to completely misrepresent the argument in the opposite direction with equal parts or even extra vagueness as counterpoint.

Encounters don’t really happen at lower BRs, so you can mostly avoid them. If you have bad luck, you might get one in a full uptier.

As I said before, you can easily verify the composition of air AB from the replay server. It isn’t a secret.

Also, there may be a tendency to put dom-quitting players back into doms. This has been suspected by several players. So maybe that works for ground strike too, if it is real at all.

I personally find that I get about the average mix at the replay server if I don’t quit early. That is why I do it as I described it.

I can, in fact, I did. I never cared about simple popularity.

It was nearly 50% for me when I was trying to do the naval portion of the challenge.

This is a moot point. I’m telling you I grinded for 10-12 hours until I began leaving ground strikes at the start and multitasking waiting for crews to come back.

Simple popularity

People are giving detailed feedback, and you come into the thread and give a one sentence reply basically telling everybody that they’re wrong. This isn’t the first thread on the topic either which you likely know since you are always here. Your willingness to spit in the face of everybody saying it’s a difficult challenge speaks volumes.

At what BR did you do it?

There is a difference between people coming and stating that they would like help for a task or resolutely concluding that it is impossible. And that is all the difference. People here don’t ask, they already know it is “impossible”. That is simple popularity. No way, the problem could be in front of their screen.

This is you fighting a forum battle as a forum main. Some people tried and figured it was impossible for them given their willingness amount per time required. They don’t have the same dedicated time frame as you. That doesn’t make them wrong.

At what BR


I probably did it in much less time and yes, if it can be done in little time, it isn’t “impossible” and hence that statement is wrong.

That is way too high to do it quickly. You will obviously have cruisers and encounter maps.
Some guy above (brcole) wrote a pretty detailed and workable outline on how to do naval. All the info is there.

Ok bro then, bear with me by the way, are you with me? Anchor yourself. Really ground yourself for this one. Are you still with me? Ok. So let’s say that someone were to follow their guide. Are you still with me? Don’t let your mind wander. Let’s say someone were to do the challenge in coastal despite never having played it much. They played some bluewater and grinded a bit and have some tier 3. Now let’s say they want to do it the simple way with coastal, but they only have a few mods on a rank 1 vessel. Would you… btw, reread if you got lost or forgot what we were talking about. Would you consider that time frame of grinding out coastal ships for a lineup to be something someone can do in a “quickly” time frame?

You came to the thread and said “I got it done quickly.” Someone replied and wrote “Helpful” to mock you. Do you not see what’s going on here? Are you really that incapable of reading the room?

I came to a thread that asked a question: “Can we agree that this is the most BS battle pass task ever?” to which I replied: “Went relatively quick. No big deal.” If this is considered a too complex reply, I translate it for you to a “NO”. Question → Answer. Others replied too. Then came Pentay and criticized my oppinion on that subject: “Somehow Dodo has the worst takes on every subject.” Then came brcole and wrote a rather detailed description on the whole naval aspect of that challenge.

I don’t quite understand what you still want?

Did you read his body or just the subject.

Both. And I disagree, as did several others.

Not my problem. I consider the matter closed. You responded to the subject and not the body, and you’re confused why people are annoyed with you. It wasn’t a poll question. It was just a subject. He went on to elaborate on his subject and offer questions of discussion. You just took a dump on the thread like anybody cares that you got it done quickly, a term nobody even knows what you mean because you could have grinded for 3 days straight no sleep and still said quickly for all we know.

He said “… naval is pretty much impossible”.
To which I provided the info that it wasn’t so.
He now had the option to reply, but then you came along and attacked me. Which is neither the subject nor helpful to him.

Fine, then lets end it here, the matter has been dealt with anyway.

I consider the matter re-opened.
Naval is extremely difficult. Just because you did it 1 of 50 ways doesn’t mean it was an easy task. The fact that there are so many ways for it to be done in extremely challenging ways proves it’s a challenging task. Just because you had the lineup for an easy way without triggering Encounter as well, doesn’t mean “It’s an easy task” that can be gotten done quickly. 4.7 with a 2.7 coastal in the lineup was doable but extremely challenging. It took me 2 days on and off between battlepass tasks.

Sure. Getting to the other side of my little road here is also an extreeeemely challenging task, because I could go on a 40000 km trip. Hence it makes sense to call it challenging. You win!

Again with the dishonest arguing. You’re implying you didn’t grind various things ahead of time to have so many options.

It is a secret but I let you in on it:

In order to walk across my road here, I had to learn to walk.

(I let you have the last word below.)

No, it’s not a secret. We all know this. You pretended from the onset that we didn’t know this because you yourself didn’t realize this was the case. You don’t think. You just thought you have legs and are an adult. But you double back now and claim you knew from the start which doesn’t explain your behavior. The dishonest Dodo_Dud for sure. I know I won. I said checkmate a while back.

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Apart from the personal sniping…

I’ve done this challenge in previous BP’s - it’s not he first time it has appeared.

This time I’m not really interested - I don’t play land much any more - just naval and Air RB… a little air AB.

Naval got done without me even realising the challenge was open, because I’d already decided not to bother.

But I have done all dailies and all Specials, so I have all the BP vehicles already, and BP now is just about warbonds - I’ll also have no trouble getting the tradeable coupons either, but probably won’t get the title…
which cuts me up not at all.

Bragging is not allowed Dodo.

We don’t want to know you are better than us.

Try doing it slower next time.
You will make us feel better.