Can we add some New Ground SB partitions?

For example the tanks of the T-80B/L2A4/Challenger1/ZTZ96A and their nearby BR’s are completely unable to stand up to the TIER 7 enemy in a real TOP SB battle, but for the last Ground SB partitions (consisting of BMP3/WMA301/M60A3/L1A5) these tanks are too strong again, so could a new Ground SB partition be opened for I remember a previous world war that consisted mainly of L2A4 vs T-80B, this one was pretty balanced with a lot of people involved on both sides

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This has been requested many times, but GJ wont do anything with the SB except adding newly introduced vehicles to current lineups, not even adding some really simple fixes.

It is a shame really, right now there are enough vehicles to make new, as you call it, partition.