Can we add Helicopters to Air Simulator battles?

And if not, why not?

Im of 2 minds for this:

(and assuming you mean planes and helis in the same match and not a dedicated Heli PvPvE SB EC)

Im for it because it would give helis a great altenative to both Heli EC and ground modes and it could be really fun. EC would need some improvements to accomodate it, but It certianly could be done.

My really big concerns against it though are these:

  • Helis spawn camping AFs and just generally ruinning the game for planes (this could be mitgated with decent AI AF guardians, but Gaijin can never get AI code to work right)
  • Planes just farming heli kills. Cockpit only, you wouldnt necessarily see a plane coming at you and not all have A2A radar. So planes could just spend all day picking up easy kills vs helis. Especially with spawn camping. Could be really annoying if you spent ages flying cross map in a heli

(though if you were talking about giving Helis there own SB EC gamemode, that was only helis, then yes please, sounds fun, but after all helis get cockpits finished)

Some AA missiles that Helicopters have ridiculously good IRCCM capability.
For example, the Chinese TY-90 is impossible to dodge. unless you are at a high altitude.
It would be chaos.

We have discussed for many times, it is really hard to make a balance, spwan camp is unavoidable… when ka50 camp the af…

Well you both raise interesting points, but I can’t see the missiles being that much of an issue, since high tier jets can out run or even out climb them.

As for spawn camping. If Helicopters were to take off at the normal airfield, anything trying to camp it would just get shot by Rolands, right?

I just think it would be awesome to have a proper game mode to play helicopters. Currently GRB is one of the best places for them and to me it doesn’t really make sense.