Can we actually highlight the bug concerning the shift key, when flying?

WS and Q along with B with shift make the controls not work at all as intentioned.

The worst one is right now you can’t even hold B for brake, and wind your engines up with shift… You’ll sit brakes on, and throttle does nothing.

This is literally a game breaking bug because the default controls are being meddled with for no reason that should even be.

This is quite concerning that there’s no actual submission of anyone else having this issue.

It’s definitely happening and is affecting people.

So, no-one is noticing this…

I would’ve thought because it’s such a conflicting bug that it’d have been a hotfix required one because of the extent that it messes with the default controls.

How’d this not get picked up in testing, and how is it that no-one actually is even noticing it?

You can’t hold shift, and press B expecting your thrust to go up anymore.

You can’t hold shift, and press S expecting it to take off while trying to keep your WEP on.

The modifier itself is misinterpreting into the controls, or controls have been implemented that directly conflict with the default controls.

There’s not a lot of people reporting this, but when they get told about it they then realise they are being affected.

This needs escalation and it’s not being noticed.

The reports on the issue tracker aren’t being noticed, and this is genuinely a really bad issue…

You can’t fly, looking back, and rolling, with the throttle ‘on’, you can’t sit on the airfield with your engine revving, and brakes on.

Need this to be noticed, because it’s not being noticed on the bug tracker, and it’s a serious problem.

Default controls conflicting is a really bad look.

I’m also having the same problem, been driving me crazy.

It’s actually really surprising that no-one has literally noticed it.

I’d have thought this sort of thing would’ve been picked up by even the staff tht play the game, and actually reported as being serious, because it’s actually really critical.

@FlyingDoctor Hi! I will try to have a look at this issue soon. Please notify me if I forget ;), I’m pretty busy lately.

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