Can war thunder add this?

Can we have A vote and get war thunder to add this?

If you want to add a vehicle, it is preferable to make a suggestion post in the suggestion sections, as discussions posted here are unlikely to be read by suggestion moderators, let alone included.

Yeah, I’d put this in suggestions, that aside, it won’t be added unless they give us a IDFS/M for artillery because of the control of the gun system, it can’t depress below a certain area, and if it was added, it’d be super easy to kill, and would require a “guard” vehicle to protect it. I’d like to see it as well, but unless we see maps the size of Air Sim, we won’t ever get it.

Can it direct fire? If no,… you’ll have to wait Gameplay changes,…

Btw if this is added, i want CAESAR 8x8 and CAESAR 6x6 french Howitzer of 155mm (which is currently set to be able to shoot up to 2km in direct aim, and from 4.5 to 42km (with normal shell) 50km (with rocket Shell) 80km (with propellant charges added to the Shell) → would be fun to kill someone with 80km range though ^^"

I’ve recently added these to the vehicle wish list, as well as the Mjolnir if they ever add and IDFM for artillery.