Can u finally FIX KA50 , being dead and still fyling and killing people?

Its so common that KA50 is fragged but its still flies , in unkillable state able to use its 30mm gun . Its happening so oftten its not even funny anymore.

Fix this russian BIAS please before people will stop playing.


I don’t think it can stay like this either. It doesn’t matter if something like that is realistic or not, it’s just OP and unfair to all other nations.


This KA50 SPAM at begining of every battle is unplayble , I`m about to quit the game again I guess.

This issue does not concern only the KA-50, it’s the case for all helis, it’s just more noticeable since with it’s two rotors it can still fly without any tail.

It’s how Gaijin handles helicopters : they are just empty boxes with some critical components ; there’s no wiring and the damage models are broken. AH-1G shows that.


The helicopter damage model is just a joke, if a APFSDS shell rips through the entire thing it’s going to be done for 100 out of a 100 times, it’s going to shred the instrument panel, destroy electronics, wiring, hydraulics, fuel lines etc.

helicopters are mostly empty space so they can often survive rpg hits as they can just pass straight through but if you hit certain things they are pretty much instant dead yes.

a few 50 cal bullets to a gearbox would be instant death. same if you hit a servo, prop shaft or flying control tube with a single 50. i don’t think gaijin can be reasonably expected to model the hydraulic and fuel lines but these are all mostly wrapped around the gearbox anyway

the current amount of damage they can absorb is pretty wild. helis are super fragile IRL

If you shoot them from the side through cargo/crew compartments, but right now you can shoot a helicopter from front to back through the instrument panel and do zero damage to anything.

It is not russian bias, it is p2w

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Learn to kill the Ka-50s, and/or learn to be out of their line of sight.
They’re inspired by Bruce of YouTube.

They’re not OP as @RedCoast777 claims, they’re just in many peoples’ pockets due to purchasing them during heli PVP, so people still use them.

@Aizuk For it to be “pay to win” it’d have to be more powerful than tech tree helicopters of the same BR, for which it definitely is not more capable than other 11.0s.

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Ok after almost 5000 games in the 11.7 area and so much writing in the forum that it’s OP hahaahh I can’t take you anymore and I’m covering that you work here and for Gaiji. So stop trolling!!!

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What is it with fanboys of Russian equipment accusing everyone that states Soviet, Russian, & Ukranian equipment isn’t that great of being “trolls”?
I really don’t get why you think everyone that doesn’t defend Russian equipment is a “troll”.
Also, sir embellishing fan of Russian equipment, you can tell who’s staff if they have an icon to the right of their name, along with their position in the company further to the right of that symbol.

So stop calling everyone trolls just cause they don’t defend your precious Rssso-Ukrani-Soviet equipment.

Please dont tell me to stay out of line of sight vs KA50 who flies over your head spamming 30mm cannon after being dead for 20 seconds !!!

If its dead / fragged it should be instantly put into uncontrollable state.

to be completely fair, the Ka-50 shouldnt die if it loses its tail since the tail is a non vital part of the airframe (due to its vertical tandem rotor design). and restricting the shooting of secondaries is just unrealistic so i kind of disgree even though i hate the ka-50 and all helis with hellfires

Then destroy its control surfaces. Aiming for engine/transmission is what you should be doing outside of aiming for pilot.
That goes for all helicopters & not just Ka-50.
Q is my swap to machine gun button for a reason.

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Peoples’ problems do exist, you posting they don’t, yes you since no one else posted such things, is an insult to their experiences.
No one else, not me, not anyone else has made the claim that peoples’ experiences do not exist.
I never once claimed the game is perfect which means you’ve read none of my posts.

My statements thus far on the forum: “This game has flaws I’d like to see resolved.”
“Here’s some advice to deal with your real issue at hand.”
“Ka-50 while over-BR’d compared to other vehicles has a very skilled playerbase that makes it perform extremely well, and that’s an issue.”

So no, I will not stop criticizing the game; I will not stop helping others.
The fact you want EVERYONE that criticizes issues to stop & get out of here is very upsetting. This game isn’t perfect just cause it’s the best in the industry.

I use Apaches & Rooivalk, which you’d know if checked before speaking.
I exclusively used Ka-50 in random battles to learn tactics, which I then utilized on others since it was cheap, but that’s off-topic.

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did you read or understand any of what I said?

I said that YOU are telling everyone to stop complaining and YOU are acting like their problems dont exist.

every single time someone posts a flaw, often a VERY REGULARLY COMPLAINED ABOUT FLAW. it is YOU who always tells them that their problem doesn’t exist and “just deal with it by doing this thing lol”

where did I tell people to stop complaining? I said that them complaining was a GOOD THING.

I did not ask if YOU used those other helis. I said how often do those helis appear in games compared to Ka-50s and Ka-52s? Because the answer is almost never

Like, every single point you made in that post was the complete opposite of what I actually said. I don’t even.

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I have never once told anyone to not share opinions. Never.
I’ve also accepted EVERYONE’s perspectives without question. Always.

So while you lie about others, probably cause you’re trying to shut down everyone that criticizes your precious “Russian” equipment much like every other person that tries to shut me down.

Criticizing is a good thing, complaining is not.

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are you even joking? I want the Ka-50 nerfed to the ground. my Russian tree is at 5.0 in both air and ground. I barely play them. Stop putting words into my mouth.

what possible reasoning have you made to think that I am NOT criticising those stupid helis. And im sorry, “criticising” instead of complaining. slightly different word.

As for “lying” Dude you even 180’d this guys comment about you in this thread:

You’re the one defending Russian equipment, not him. Or me. I can go into any thread that you’ve posted in and find the same thing. You vehemently defend major issues and deny that they should be changed or improved even when EVERYONE ELSE agrees there is a problem.

this is why I haven’t bothered with you before. I knew this would happen.

I did not say you played them, I said you think far too highly of them.
Ka-50 has been “nerfed” into the ground.

In what world is calling Ka-50 “not great” the same as “defending Russian equipment”?
If I state “M1A2 is the worst MBT in the world.” that’s not defending it, so why the double standard?
BTW, I think highly of all Abrams. It is after all superior to all Russian equipment.

So you knew your lying about me would cause you to get rightfully criticized…
Maybe be honest in the future and people won’t call you out.

IF you think people should voice their opinions, and peoples perspectives respected, congrats, you agree with me.
Notice how in ALL my responses I never once told you to stop voicing your rule-following perspectives, cause I accept them. I accept your perspectives.

If Ka-50 is the “best helicopter ever made in history” as you claim, why for its BR, its featureset is less than that of equivalent items?
Rooivalk has further & same range missiles, but can have far more up at the same time due to superior laser guidance.
Ka-50 I forget if has Igla’s, but the only correct manpad in WT right now is TY-90. Igla’s are as wrong as Stingers & Mistrals.
Why do equivalent BR helicopters have thermals?
Clearly the players using it are better; Occam’s Razor: The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

I’ve never once denied peoples’ issues in my life and never will. So no, I’ve never created such an argument.
& instead of insulting everyone that criticizes “Russian” equipment, maybe you should listen.