Can they start balancing the amount oif cruiser in a battle?

It’s not fun fighting against 8 Cruiser lining up their broadside when your team is composed of destroyers and gunboat, you can’t do anything against them, they’re not in torpedo range, they’re constantly covered by islands, their team destroyer and a wall of shells that just prevent us to push to their position. we’re lucky that we won because we actually pushed the cap zone, but it was a hell to begin with.

naval is not and will never be balanced. the only way to play is hide behind your teammate and collect kills from bots as much as you can

So you are complaining that the enemy tactics were poor and you managed to win.

You think they should not be allowed to shoot back, or what?🤔🤔

wait, I was wrong, was meaning to say “Cruiser”.

And yeah, I want to outsmart other ship, not getting rained by 220mm shells as I spawn.