Can the ty-90 lock planes with their engines off?

As the title says. It was able to lock my me 163 with the engine off. In my experience, when the me163 has its engine off, I have not been able to lock it. Is this something brand new or a chinese buff or what?

just because you turn off the engine doesnt mean the engine instantly goes cold, it still has residue heat, in the game menu there is an option to always show engine heat. But generaly turning off engine wont help you.


If that is the case, why does the strategy work when i fight me163s and not when i use the me163? I dont think the me163 shows you engine heat because it is a rocket engine too. Seems very odd.

Even with regular jet engines, their heat goes down pretty quick once off. I would think that the rocket engine would be pretty cool after running at 40% then being off for 5 sec. At least to a point that the heli couldnt lock me from medium/far range.

What is that vehicle ty-90?

TY-90 is the currently strongest AAM in the game, witch can carried from Chinese Helis

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All late IR seekers, especially MANPADS based seekers can still lock onto aircraft with their engine off.

The TY90 doesn’t need engine heat to lock onto a vehicle, just the heat created by the air flowing over your aircraft is enough for modern missiles to get a lock


WT simulates airframe temperature as well, which is hotter the faster you go.

That makes sense. However, that now brings in the question of, what is a min speed need for the missile to lock you. For the first lock, i was at around 800kph and about 600kph for the second. I wonder how slow i would need to go in order to not not be locked.
Personally, I would not be surprised if it is set up in-game to just assume you are always going fast enough for a lock and even at near 0kph, you could be locked.

That could also be true. I cant remember a time where my manpads/ty90 wouldnt lock a plane, even in a custom battle when a jet has been turned off and landed for well over an hour. There does seem to be a base temp setting high enough for good seekers to get a lock