Can the post game 'luck of the draw' Battle Trophy thing get recoded?

I think its nice you occasionally get the luck of the draw battle trophy roulette thingy but 90% of the time (for me anyway) I win something utterly useless. Like a discount off something I would never use, play or desire. Like a 5% discount off a Rank 7 jet when I hardly ever fly…
Every odd occasion I might win $7500 credits (after something juicy slides past and predictably stop just before or after the ticker) or a backup tank (which is nice). Yet most of the time it’s pointless.

Even my last game I get a discount off a boat, I never play boats:( I know its a bonus we have this in the game but wouldn’t it be nice if i

t actually gave a discount off something useful? Like something you are actually grinding for?

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