Can the existing anti cheating system effectively punish cheating players

In the game, it is common to encounter some high-profile open hanging players (usually has a kill rate of 3 or more, and kills dozens of players at once in a game, accompanied by other abnormal behaviors such as ignoring obstacles and smoke screens), but tracking these players’ situation will reveal that they can still be active in the game for a long time without any punishment. The report button provided in the game is also virtually non-existent. When you report a cheating player, you will not receive any feedback whether the report is successful or unsuccessful. Without a strong punishment system, it is difficult to deter cheaters. One shopping platform in China alone has a monthly sales volume of plug-in unit of over 3000 (excluding automatic scripts), and when communicating with players who use plug-in unit, it can also be found that due to the small ban, punishment is already acceptable compared to the benefits of using cheats.Nowadays, cheating is spreading like cancer cells, and some of my friends have joined the ranks of cheating players after encountering cheating players and learning about the ban on cheating in the game. I am worried about the future. I like this game and I don’t want it to become like Battlefield 1. By then, this game will not be a fun historical vehicle game, but a boring magical battle game, where there will be no winners except for plug-in sellers.


You can go to War Thunder — Realistic Military Vehicles Online Combat Game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Play for Free Search Players and see if someone has been banned or not, so if you report a player you can keep track of it and see if they are banned yet or not, and the answer is usually that they’re not.

My friend cheats have been going on since video games were born. I’ve been online gaming since the late 90’s and 33.6 dial up connections, there is no stopping it the script kiddies will always find a way around rules and anti cheat programs.

the first couple years I played WT they posted a weekly ban list of those who got caught, it just got bigger every week, so they dropped it, didn’t want the negative exposure particularly with all the squadred tags that were coming up.

Arcade when some areas of the world are online in force is almost unplayable at times.

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The forum isn’t a place to discuss potential rule breaking behavior in game.

Please use the server replay report option if you think a player needs to be reviewed by the game masters.

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