Can the Chinese F5A be replaced with a missile RB down to 10.3?

Can Chinese F5A change missile RB to 10.3?
The F5A and F5C RB in the United States are both at 10.3, and the F5A in China should replace 9P with 9E RB and lower it to 10.3, otherwise the gap between F5E and 10.7 is too big.

Imo F5A is fine at 10.7 with 9P


You are ridiculous, the air attack F5E has a better engine, the ground attack F5E has a better AGM65, where is the F5A you said is fine?

That doesn’t mean your one needs to go down in BR… It’d become a F-5C but even nastier to deal with thanks to 9Ps if moved down… and the F-5C is undertiered (and i’ve played it. I think i can speak for that thing)

Moving the F-5A to 10.3 would only serve to make the problem worse.
In an ideal world we’d have a lot more brackets to put things at BR wise and we’d be able to separate the two F-5s. However, Gaijinisms because apparently queue times would be too long.

My solution would be to leave it as is and hope the American one goes back up… which it won’t at the minute.

Can’t you read? I said replace 9P with 9E.
You think F5A at 10.3 is bad, the problem is that the US F5A and F5C are at 10.3, I don’t think it’s bad.

Please make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Thank you

F-5E has been suggested in the latest BR change suggestion list to be bumped up to 11.0:

So there you go, its going to be fixed.

I don’t care about F5E.

Well the F-5A and F-5C aren’t being changed.

Cope I guess?

Well you did say:

And that will nolonger be the case. The Taiwanese F-5A will be a lower BR than the 5E, and a higher BR than the C due to better missiles

Yeah, just seems to me like the guy is having issues getting good results and therefore wants his plane to go down in BR in hopes of getting more kills.
Right now it honestly just seems like the tech tree F-5s are hard to keep in a good spot. Put the F-5E at 11.0 and it’s gonna get it’s day ruined by F-16As. Keep it at 10.7 and it will continue to dominate against almost everything you pit it against.

I said to remove 9P, can’t you see it?

Sure, but the necessary changes for the Taiwanese F-5A to be at a different BR than the F-5E has been planned to be made. So i dont see any need to change missiles once that is done

Its a bit worse F-5E which is seemingly planned to be 11.0. And you are better than the 5C that is 10.3 because of better missiles

It is shameful to force the 9P to the silver F5A so that it is at 10.7, while the paid F5A can remain at 10.3.

It def is. The 9p’s are really nice

Tbf the American F5A only has access to Aim-9E, along with this, if they moved F5A up they would also have to move F5C (Logical)

I’m confused, is it that I can’t see that the American F5A has 9e, or that you can’t understand my words?

Btw,… F-5 whatever the variant, never should go at 10.0 or lower,…

when considering how good it handles, even against Current 11.7 aircrafts, considering the Auto-cannons of 20mm are also really good(damage/Rate of fire /bullet speed), and very well fed, it can’t go to BR in which it would encounter Late Korean War Jets(MiG-17 and lower//F-86F40 and Lower)

It’s ridiculous, which plane is chasing 11.0 for F5’s energy, can you eat well at 11.7, what about dreaming?