Can the AV-8B+ carry triple maverick?

Hello, I was wondering if the AV-8B+ can carry triple maverick launchers. Couldn’t really find anything specific about it.

It cannot. If anything in the realm of “more than 1 Maverick per pylon” I’d imagine 2 on the inner most pylon would be the most realistic, but I don’t believe it can carry anything other than 1 Maverick per pylon

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Ah, ok. Thanks for replying

The U.S. Navy only uses the AGM65E/F in modern times, which can only be carried by the LAU117.

Thanks, hopefully agm65e in files

It should have access to the AGR-20 APKWS II, the L-JDAM, assorted AIM-9X and AIM-120C, SNIPER ATP


Apkws and jdam could come soon, I would rather have a standard AV-8B or AV 8B NA with current load out be added, then they give B+ the full missiles at higher BR

So I expect AGM-65E & AGM-65F replace 2 AGM-65 placeholder (AGM-65D & AGM-65G) for next major update

I guess gaijin could add JDAM (GBU-32(V)2/B & GBU-38(V)2/B) and GBU-54/B Laser JDAM on USMC AV-8B+ for third major update (september) or fourth major update (october)


JDAM would not be op. The simple ones would be a f&f bomb with better range. The laser guided one would be an LGB with Inertial navigation

They wouldn’t increase the BR of AV-8B+ TBH.


It’s AN/AAQ-28(V)8 Litening G4 targeting pod. not AN/AAQ-33 Sniper XR ATP

AV-8B Night Attack armed IR AAM like AV-8B+ but nose shorter AV-8B+, no AN/APG-65 radar, no AIM-120 AMRAAM and without Joint Direct Attack Munition

Can be able target enemy ground vehicle all whether but can’t target ground vehicle movement

It would be seperate vehicle from AV-8B Plus because advanced IR AAM seeker, medium-range Air-to-Air Missile, targeting pod and precision-guided munition

I guess located after USMC Legacy Hornet

and 13.0 BR (Air AB, Air RB, Air SB) & 13.7 BR (Ground RB)

JDAM is GPS guided.
There are laser guided ones, but against vehicles they’re identical to the ones we already have.

Technically, due to the potential availability of alternate warheads (e.g. the BLU-109/B or BLU-116/B, -118/B, SUU-54/B, etc.) there would be a use case against specific target sets (and ability to utilize Nose fuses for Airburst settings further magnifying warhead performance against area targets).

The ability to target co-coordinates though clouds and smoke, more energy efficient guidance, a better glide ratio and further extended range (with the base model, not just JDAM-ER reaching out to 24km, let alone the PJDAM) relaxed release and carriage constraints, and reduced minimum range (not currently modeled, but Paveway should have a 2.5~3 second timeout before guidance begins, see excerpt below) and true simultaneous release, multi-target capability (with the capability to generate coordinates from sensors like A2G radar modes and Targeting pods) are all upsides over even the later Paveway II, III & IV that have been implemented in game so far.

Paveway exerpt

All usa fighters could carry the JDAMs the f15, f16,f18 and most of the strikers in game for the usa.

The thing is the f15 could carry 15 JDAMs which would end the match. Would still be cool to see but we all need better spaa first.(SLAAMRAM)

And Bombcat upgraded F-14s, so at least for now that includes the F-14B as well.

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I know the F14D can but i’m not 100 percent confident that the B could.

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle only deployed JDAM but not Eagle

F-15C/D Baz Meshupar and F-15I Ra’am (IAF) carry JDAM

F-16C Block 30 (ANG), USAF F-16CG (F-16C Block 40/42) & F-16C Block 50 and F-16AM Block 15 MLU from Belgium armed JDAM

F/A-18C/D from USN & USMC and F/A-18E Super Hornet Blk I ~ III (USN) deployed JDAM