Can the amount of dust created by the sabot be reduced

What are peoples thoughts on the amount of dust created by the sabots?
I lose track of my target and can’t see what I’m shooting when using 40mm autocannons etc.
Why does Gaijin think everything is extremely sandy and dusty?

If only it was raining

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Yeah the 40mm on the Strf 9040s are somewhat very distracting to use, the sabot is projected very far away usually all around the target. I use graphics a little lower than you, so it’s not as bad.

This would be a great affect to have, but look how the projectiles force pushes the sparks, smoke and dust over and away from the target. Currently, the sabots in game just create an unrealistic smoke clou in front of the target.

Its a pain when you are on the receiving end and you cant shoot back. It nas to work both ways

yep maybe slightly exaggerated

There we go. Rain as you asked.

Try thunderstorm. Gaijin has some work to do, does it do the same if your in the water

How are they gonna show their cool particle effects if they dont exaggerate it?


This is a large part of what makes autocannons good

How so ? Enemy goes into 3rd person and it negates the dusty etc in their face.

What Ammo did the Bradley use? I heard they didn’t use APDS/APFSDS but high explosives but not sure if thats true

honestly I don’t know, in my opinion it could be that they used a mixed apds/HE belt

Not really