Can someone please help me understand? (Modification confusion)

Can someone please explain to me how reducing drag by replacing “cover” decreases my maximum speed? Thanks!

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it shouldn’t, likely a bugged description


That’s what I thought, anyway, thanks!

I would say an increase of weight is to blame but -67.5kg says otherwise

Yeah but the thing is an increase in weight would increase the turn circle but not decrease it

I would see this as the surface of the plane
when you install this mod you will have 67.5 kg less mass on the plane, the plane will generate less drag,
but there is a slight problem here is that you will loose ~ 1km/h in Speed

in RL smoothing the surface would gain speed, like by polishing or filling gaps between panels or screws or be removing camouflage paint and only applying clear sealing paint nece the silver planes

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