Can someone please explain

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What’s the issue here because I see you may actually be being impacted by a bug I’ve reported about controls…

The clip is a little short, but its the f14 that killed me with his aim 9l. Aim 9l that is visible in the 6th second of the video

what about it?

what do you mean “what about it” it wasn’t there, then it spawned 0.9km away from me way behind the f14 and then it hit me still being 0.75km from me there’s sensor view for clarification, that’s realistic

I see now, very weird.

The game just sucks at rendering objects half the time this isnt new missiles will spawn in front of you, planes will despawn and reappear randomly, tanks wont render past 1km in the gunsight half the time blame gaijins buggy coding of a jenga tower they cant fix half the issues in the game without it breaking something else

the missile oversleept and remembered to go to work


The first time i agree wit u.