Can someone explain to me the strange movement of a player's tank gun in order to stay precisely on target?


I just came out of a game where a new player (only a few hours) demonstrated incredible precision, shooting on the move on the fly, without missing a single shot. Also showing impressive stats.

Watching the replay, I realized the barrel of his tank is constantly making micro-corrective movements so that the sights remains on target, also switching precisely from one target to the other on the fly, which only manifests itself with him and not the other players.

Does anyone have a logical explanation?

Replay : Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On
Player : NoRs

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You’ll never guess

He might be cheating. He looks to be using a wallhack/aimbot. You can tell because as you said throughout the replay he is straight up just swapping between looking directly at each enemy in the distance, tracking even through walls, because his aimbot is being cycled.

That’s what it looks like from my PoV

(I know this is arcade)


Don’t brake, it pushes your tank’s gun down.

If the tank has good suspension you can time your shot. If your tank has a vertical stabilizer such as the Sherman you can very much fire on the move even at low tier.

I think manual gear control will help this situation even though I haven’t tried it myself, like if you expect an engagement then switch to low gear to drive slow then it will become like Maus which doesn’t have stabilizer but you don’t need to stop driving in that slow vehicle to land an accurate shot lol

This guy is definitly not playing … “fair”.


Doesn’t the TAM have a stabilizer?
It looked like regular GAB play to me. The replay viewer can make the gun sight view look weird and artificial.


If you watch at the start, the gun is looking normal, but once he starts aiming at target, the gun starts making small permanent micro-movements to stay on the targets. These adjustments are making the gun jerks, which is clearly visible whatever the view selected, gunner sight, commander, exterior or other.

Its just an artifact of the server replay “sample rate” in the recording. If it went straight to center mass of a hidden target and perfectly tracked it would be more indicative of an aimbot.

May be, but if this was the case, some others should exhibit the same problem, don’t they?