Can someone clarify this for me , I'm kinda lost

As you can see in the pictures . It says I have to buy 4 or more rank VII vehicles but I can research the Strv122A , since I could before the new update coming to the game .

So , can I research the Strv122A and buy it or I have to research the rest of VII vehicles ? I’m comfused

Make fun of me on ULQ if you want , new pc coming soon

So if you have access to research of a vehicle you keep access to researching it even if the prerequisites change so you should no longer be able to research it. Idk about purchasing tho.

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The purchasing is not possible I don’t think, it’s pretty weird.


Thank you both of you for giving your time to answer me . I hope someone who knows might find this and clarify it for me and for other people if they come up with the same confusion as mine .

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He is correct. You can research but cant buy until you unlock the rank. Have a similar situation in my Japanese tech tree

Oh no … for the love of god , I dont have premium or premium vehicles . Till I reach rank 8 , rank 9 vehicles will come to the game . Shit …

I feel it. Seems like every update, they add a vehicle in front of the on that I am close to finishing research on. I swear they look at my tech tree and do it on purpose.

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I feel the same way to , hahaha