Can not spawn the Marder 1A3 because

You must carry at least 1 grenade cartridge to take part in the battle.

Although grenade cartridges are of course also included in the DM63 belt, I then took a standard belt with me, no change.

Please fix.

Same with the Marder 1A1. And it’s impossible to enter the testside too.

It’s because you haven’t taken any ATGM. Take a full load of the MILAN.

I’m prepared to expect a lot of nonsense, but if Gaijin means ATGM, they will write it that way. And I don’t see how it could be mistranslated.
What’s more, both Marders have been fully developed and equipped for a long time. So fully ammunitioned. I only play them very rarely, so I only noticed the error yesterday.