Can more Canadian vehicles be added to the UK?

Why have a Swedish ground if their tanks are just Russian British and German

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I just told ya what I taught in school. Which surprise, is in Canada. Also, let me tell ya some

The Canadian constitution doesn’t exist. Or well the document for all intended purposes does not exist. We are not taught about it in school. What we are taught about is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Because it does one thing only start a Civil War here in Canada.

The Canadian constitution is so unimportant to the nation that if I a Canadian who lived their whole life here didn’t do my own research I wouldn’t have known it existed.

The Swedish tech tree is okay in that we actually have Swedish vehicles, but yeah the special treatment of Sweden is terrible and its only going to get worse in general when they start spamming Italy with German vehicles from Hungary

Hmm hmm Ok. Cool.

Yes they do. Look at the Hunter F.58. No way in hell should that be in the German tree except for the fact that germany needed a 9.7 strike aircraft.


You also have them asking for Challenger 2 Variants:


Rheinmetall 130 mm Demonstrator - Future Tanknology

Because it’s a German development. It’s the same reason that German players are not asking for the Vickers Mk. 7 despite using a Leopard 2 hull; it’s a British development.

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Still a modified Challenger 2. If All Leopards must go to Germany because its a German Export vehicle. Then all Challenger 2s must go to Britain for the same reason. Cant have it both ways

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Literally no one asked for the Swiss Hunter. That’s on Gaijin.

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By that logic the Vickers Mk 7 is a Leopard 2 variant and should be in the German tree.

Ok then here is the deal.

Germany can get a Challenger if the UK can get a Canadian Leopard.


Why would we want a challenger. The leopard 2a4M or 2a6M isn’t even Canadian based at all; KMW advertises the upgrade packages to anyone who would buy them. The only country getting special treatment right now is Sweden because they want to monetize strv 122s to the max

Why is there a suggtion for it to go to Germany then?

Also, it’s Leopard 2A4M CAN and Leopard 2A6M CAN.

Question do you know what “CAN” stands for? I’ll give you a hint it’s a Canadian variant of the tank.

Was it not produced in Canada though?

Its actually not. Its just the specific selection of modifications Canada selected from KMW. The 2a4M and 2a6M are advertised by KMW as options for anyone. Just because Canada bought them from the Netherlands and then bought upgrades from KMW doesn’t make them Canadian.

War Thunder is based on derivative and developmental tech trees. The 2a4 developmentally leads to the 2a5, the evolution, the 2a4M, the revolution, etc. The 2a6M is just an upgrade for the 2a6

What I do often find difficult about researching the variants of leopard 2s is figuring out which feature is either from KMW, Rheinmetall, Rheinmetall subsidiary, or another company. For example, the strv 122 composite that was supposedly developed as a “Swedish” composite was made by IBD and Akers, but the problem is that Akers involvement in any of the packages is unclear. KMW makes the leopard 2 composite themselves while IBD supply’s parts of the Mexas Armor addons which is why its so confusing right now.

I think the only variant of Challenger I supported going to possibly the German TT was the one from Rheinmetall, but it doesn’t really seem derivative to anything we have so it would be best for Britain. I think it was a joint venture anyway; I think anyone would agree its not German

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That doesn’t matter, the Skink would be in the US tree. Except it wasn’t.

Some of you are very funny, always arguing that this can’t go to this tree that can’t go to that tree, Leopard 2 must be German but he can appear on Swedish tree (Leopard 2A6NL 122A B B+), T80U must be Soviet/Russian but he can appear on Swedish Tech tree, why don’t you guys fight Gaijin? It’s too noble to bully a British player. British players are not allowed to complain on the forum, wait you fuckers favorite KF51 leopard 2A7 Leopard 2A8 was sent to Italy by gaijin I see if you want to jump off a building

Everything you said about the Canadian Leopards is wrong.

A) the NL leopards we bought were used to pay off our debt for lent leopards in Afgastian. They weren’t used long enough to be upgraded. Because they where even to Germany right after they where bought.

Yes, Germany can get the normal 2A4M and 2A6M but those aren’t what we are talking about.
We are talking about the 2A4M/2A6M CAN. That “CAN” isn’t there for fun it’s for extra modification done by Canada.

Canada has no unique naming scheme for tanks like our planes. If the name of the leopard in Canadian servers has something pointing to Canada it’s because Canada has done modfations.

Care to explain this to me?

The Skink is a modified Grizzly A Canadian Variant of the M4A1 Sherman. Manufactured by Montreal Locomotive Works, its 100% Canadian I have no clue what you mean. The LAV II is a improved/upgraded version of the US’s LAV 25 Both of which were produced by General Dynamics Land Systems Canada. I will state I believe the LAV 25 is American but the LAV II is Canadian.

I’d be glad to share the information of Canadian vehicles as I feel like sharing the information and knowledge is better to be shared to clear any misunderstandings.


Well yes. As previously stated germany has enough domestic options for top leopard tanks that they don’t need other countries’ sub variants.