Can Mirage 2000-5 be added to the Chinese Tech Tree as Squad Vehicle?

It is known that ROCAF uses mirage 2000-5 fighter, so is it possible to add it to the Chinese tech tree. The difference is that it lack the air refueling system and air to ground capabilities. I think it would be interesting to see this.

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More copy paste woooooooo…


ROCAF Mirage 2000 5EI to the tech tree and the two seater variant can be whatever (squad, premium, event etc).

I’d assume it will be added to the ROCAF line in the tree before the F-16A MLU.

Squadron vehicle? Erm no I actually like having tech tree vehicles unlike some people.

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I guarantee you and will bet my left eye ball it will be placed either above or below the F-16A MLU.

idc cause this C&P can let me enjoy more distinctive vehicle in only one TT, just like Sweden