Can Is-7 and E-100 be added to the trophy boxes?

War Thunder has been developing for more than 10 years, during which time there have been many legendary vehicles, such as the E-100 and Is-7. Very few players have these vehicles in the game, and these tanks are out of reach for other players. Especially in recent years, the number of War Thunder players has increased day by day, and our game is in a golden age. These legendary vehicles spread by word of mouth among players, but few players actually get to experience these beasts because they are so difficult to acquire. Although officials have reproduced these vehicles in the Silver Lion boxes, but only a lucky few have been rewarded.
So do you support the change of adding these rare vehicles to the trophy boxes to increase the market ownership and make it easier to acquire them? Or create a new box, “Event vehicle boxes”, which will be automatically added whenever the number of vehicles in the gaijin market falls below 100. Of course, the winning rate of this box should be studied in detail by the Gaijin to avoid the disorder of the market equilibrium price.
I hope to see positive responses from all of you, all your comments are welcome. Of course, if you support this idea, please click like, thank you.


Good, it should stay that way.

Can you give me a reason to keep it that way? Also, do you own any of these rare vehicles?

Rare vechicles should stay rare.

I have them both

The main reason they removed them, to my knowledge, was because they were having a hard time balancing them. The IS-7 was weird because it had to much armor for a lower br and not enough for a higher br. Same with the E-100. The E-100 is a good deal tougher than the Maus to my experience.

This is simply not true. They were always intended to be removed. Anyone that was as round remembers the chaos that was the IS-7 crafting event, and anyone who had it deserves to be the only ones at this rate because of that. Also, the E-100 was also IIRC an event vehicle. Just like how you can’t get the 1954 EBR, or Swordfish Mk II, or LVT A(4), etc. etc, these vehicles are very much similar to those.

You got into the game earlier and earned them, but you can’t deny new players the right to get them. Adding boxes does not mean they are no longer rare, they will still be rare, just not like now, with hundreds of games only see a small number of them.

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Yes sir! My bad.

Really I don’t think getting them back would be that great. I have seen the IS-7 multiple times and it normally gets blasted by someone with a apds or HEAT-FS. even with a APFSDS sometimes I have only see nthe E-100 a few, very few, times

I can deny them as they were being given at certain time.

You can earn new ones instead.

you know I didn’t know that the EBR1954 was unattainable now. I thought they just got slapped in the event vehicle side of the tree

Rare vechicles should stay rare

The problem with that you suggest is the marketplace. Those vehicles were limited run, and that is noones “fault”. It’s an event, if you didn’t get the rewards then that’s on you, if you didn’t know/weren’t playing then it can’t be helped. When those vehicles are so rare and rackbup a price of 100s or 1000s of dollars, you can’t simply add more of them without effecting real world money for those players. People are willing to pay for those vehicles and an IS-7 having buy orders for over 1500 USD shows that they are a collectors item. Just imagine if Gaijin added them back as a .01% chance in a crate. That would crash those prices and screw over players that did the event. New players aren’t entitled to have access to everything in the game if they haven’t played the entire life cycle. Things change, and you have to deal with those changes if you start today or a decade ago. It would be different if the marketplace didn’t exist, because then these vehicles wouldn’t hold real cash value that can be lost if these vehicles are given out again.

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Especially given that crafting event for the IS-7. Pure chaos. Would never do it again. Congrats on getting them when they were available.

To everyone:
Think of the IS-7 and E-100 like the Panther 2 and Tiger 2 10.5. no longer available. Simple as.

I agree with you, but did you notice that gaijin has started to reproduce some of the old vehicles in the Silver Lion boxes, and this new supply has changed the market balance? To be honest I just bought an AMX-50 in the market because its price has decreased, my suggestion is to increase the stock of these vehicles in the market by a small amount and balance their trading price to a reasonable range. Also, do you have any vehicles you wanted, but didn’t get?

true. but there for a while the EBR was anything but rare lol

E-100 was (maybe still is) a reward vehicle for tournaments winners. Originally only 700 of them were given out…

I don’t want to see the E-100’s value and rarity being destroyed by giving them out in a lootbox…

PS: I don’t own the E-100

How many players do you think got upset because their vehicle coupon, that they haven’t ever used, lost value? If I had an vehicle cupon for something worth 100s, and the price went down because more were added, I’d be asking Gaijin for some compensation. The entire point of a marketplace like in Warthunder is for PLAYERS to set the prices by supply/demand. Gaijin intervening in pricing looks shady as they are the ones that profit from the marketplace sales.

I started playing in late 2022, there are a ton of vehicles I don’t have from the marketplace I’d live to have. I just recently got a PC transfer, and I’ve already gotten quite a few marketplace vehicles, and may get more.

But what you said is already happening, gaijin is already trying to increase the number of those older vehicles. The trophy boxes is already have a lot of vehicle rewards, such as the m60, which is a bonus from a World War event, but Gaijin added it to the box because there are too few of them.

You probably don’t know how the stock market works, it’s your problem that you took a risk and didn’t sell the tank, you could hold and hope that the price will rise or lose, that’s how adult life works, on irl you also cry if you lose on the stock market?