Can i be banned for just being bd at the game

So I just had an arcade game where I did really poorly after the battle, I get a message from someone saying how I got 274 points because I did so bad, and they said that they reported me for it and for passive behavior, being a piece of shit, dead weight and that I took the place of someone who could have help, and them calling me a bot and when asked what did to them they respawned saying that they make the difference I am not sure f there just being mean and making it up or that they actually reported me for it

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Even if they reported you for it, nothing should happen. People perform poorly all the time, and good performance comes with experience, to get the experience you need to play when you aren’t great. You will be fine.


No, they can’t get you into trouble for this.

On the contrary, it’s them that might need to worry if they harass and threaten players, so please in the future report them in-game for their offensive chat behaviour and we will deal with them.


Thank you for telling me I don’t need to worry

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No problem, happy hunting!

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As bee mentioned tho, please make sure that you report such users that threaten/harass you

You can also block/blacklist users in game as well

And, if you ever have concerns about someone reporting you for something that you are innocent of, always feel free to PM Game Masters in game or here on our Forum and talk to them about it, and they will understand and maybe even investigate the matter

Thanks Guys! o7

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